Riders Season Finished?

Not that Durrant was all that good, but he did manage the game. It appears that unless the Riders can find another Qb or this Sunseri guy drastically improves that heir season could be over

Riders have enough talent on the team unfortunately not at back up QB with Durant gone and Willy in Winnipeg, I guess we'll see how the team performs in the coming weeks with Sunseri and their recently signed QB?

Holy crap I can't believe the doom and gloom people put on DD being gone. Heck DD was a third string himself at one time and we haven't even seen our third string play yet and people are hitting the panic button. Last time that happened, the Roughriders pulled out backup DD and acquired and threw in Michael Bishop. We all know how that worked out.

as long as wpg keeps losing, riders can probably coast into the playoffs.

Given the Bummers turn of fortunes, this is a VERY likely scenario!

Brohm will not lead them to many victories.... especially behind a Bellefuille run offense!

Like some rumors, would the Riders pull the trigger to get Henry back for the stretch run?

only if they traded away a player they might not be able to sign next year.

That is nothing but stupid talk. Ottawa is not going to trade away any chance they have for making the playoffs by trading away their marquee player. Ottawa is still battling for first place in the east (as crazy as that sounds with a 1 and 9 record but still true). Ottawa gains nothing by trading away Hank as they do not have anything to replace him with either.

Yup. I called it a while back. The Bombers would have a losing record against the West, and so far they're 1-5. Bombers will likely miss, and BC, Edmonton, and Sask will fight for 3rd in the West and 3rd in the East. I doubt any team in the East finishes with a winning record, so the crossover is pretty much guaranteed.

They've signed Joey Elliott.

As I said, they have nothing to replace him with.

I believe Burris makes close to 500K with the Redblacks. How the Rider would be able to fit his salary under the cap would be interesting to see.

As for the Rider's chances, they looked bad today against a mediocre Tigercats team. They will probably be passed by the Lions shortly.

Historically, for every future Darian Durant, there's four or five Michael Bishops.

...............That may have been Blue Bomber quarterback pessimism creeping in there.

The contract would be prorated, and Durant's salary doesn't count while he's on the injured list. It's not really that difficult. That being said, I'd rather not see them acquire Burris. He hasn't had much help in Ottawa this season, but he looks done.

If the Riders lose to Ottawa this week, yes it's over.

I doubt any team in the East finishes with a winning record WRONG !!!!! :smiley:

The Cats will be over .500 GUARANTEED 100% In fact don't be surprised if the Cats run the table the rest of the way and finish up at 11-7 or at worst 10-8 for the season. You can laugh all you want about it,but mark my words,it's going to happen.The Eskimos are the next victims,the Cats will chew them up and spit them out next week.After that we go to Winnipeg,where the Bombers owe us one after stealing one from us earlier on that last play wounded duck throw that was an absolute fluke.The horse shoe has since fallen out of their butt lately with them going 1-5 and good luck with no Willy this time.Next up are the Lions who we usually take care of at home,so a 4 game sweep of the West gets us to a 6-7 record with the last 5 games against the East to finish up the season.It will be either the Riders/Eskimos or Lions crossing over to face either Mtl or Tor in the East Semi's (Sorry Bomber fans,but in reality your season is finished,you should have stayed in the East :wink:)It doesn't really matter which one of the three teams mentioned wins against either Mtl or Tor because the victim will be coming to THF to face the Cats in the East Final where they will be CRUSHED by the Cats who you will be seeing in the Grey Cup for a 2nd consecutive year :smiley: :thup: :rockin: :rockin: Okay I've said my piece now let the rebuttals begin. OSKI-WEE-WEE !!!!! Go ahead tell me I'm wrong :smiley: Oh Yeah,you all know it's going to happen.....BET ON IT!!! :cowboy:

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/Actually, I wouldn't be shocked if you're right. You could certainly run the table against the rest of the East.

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Henry should be reporting for TSN, even though he seems to be an ageless player, there is bound to be some up and coming QB's that will oust him in the next year or so. Henry and Milt would make a good TSN combo, don't you think?

it's going to be fun, watching the Riders lose the rest of their game