Riders Schick should have been ejected..

Schick ripped the helmet off of one of the BC dude bros in the pile. Shick should have been ejected.

When will the Riders losing streak come to an end?

when do we play the eskies again? :slight_smile:

Well, BigU , you soon learn that EE is nothing but a troll, who does only troll posts. If the Esks lose tomorrow in Montreal, you wont see him again for another month or so, because his only purpose for being here is to annoy people. He can't brag about the Esks, so he has to do it by running other teams and their fans down, much like RLR does.

Hey EE, what about Murphy who was pinning CHICK (not shick)down by the neck. Or Rasouli who was punching and kicking Scott Schutlz. I guess that's not illegal in your eyes. :roll:

The CFL lacks universal credibility for its officiating. Every single team can quote atleast one game where the officiating was very much below an acceptable standard.

Before the league spends one more dime marketing itself it should invest in its officials and raise their standard to that of professionals. They pay poorly so most of the officials have this as a second job.
In the NFL fines are significant enough that they normally get the needed attention. In the CFL the fines are of the pass the hat around variety - alot just a few hundred dollars.

Hey! That was a cheap shot! :lol:

Besides, I believe we held you guys scoreless in the second half to win the game in Week 4, so take that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now the eskies could beat the riders...

Come on give credit where it is due. The riders played a heck of game and came up short. The Lions beat them that is a fact but you can not say they were not in this game.

Wow! Thanks for crediting the riders '05. I actually agree with you. I'm still pissed off that they lost, but i (hopefully) feel better mid week.

Well I can see the disappointment no doubt but to be upset for losing a game like that no. No need! You know I have never given credit to the bombers or riders but in this case you can not help but give credit they played well. The Lions had the ball last they win I love those types of games. Gloating is allowed when your team is on a roll. But the riders played well and the Lions looked good as well.
Now it is time! Where are you Turkeybend and your little monkey Arius. I guess that float needs some orange in it. The slide is happening. Sorry had to do it.

Yeah, I'm not pissed off at the team. They played good. I'm just pissed that they lost.

Hey EE - who the hell is Schick

Something he shaves his a..... never mind :wink:

If the CFL doesn't want to be viewed as a joke they will suspend Rasouli. The kind of pathetic behaviour demonstrated in the pile-up is disgusting. It demeans the sport and the league that things like that happen. I truly hope that the league doesn't simply issue a fine. Send a message that violence will not be tolerated. Really folks, punching, kicking, kneeing, and ripping off a helmet? Does the league have another choice?

pretty brutal acts by BC... how did that ape not get tossed? and the hand around the throat?

Who in the hell of it is Schick?

Just watched the replay of the fracus.
I would expect Rasouli to be suspended for his actions, and it was ridiculous that he wasn't tossed.
I can't even see what Rodgers supposedly did to get ejected.
It wouldn't stun me if Murphy were suspended for his choke hold either.
The replay of that wasn't pretty....

As far as the Rider players "piling on the QB", I recommend the QB not fumble the ball next time.
In a fumble/live ball situation, it is every man for themselves.
It wasn't all that clear why the Riders even got a penalty on that play.
We don't have a number 56, so which Rider it was will remain a mystery....

Is Tillman's hair grey yet?

05, is it okay if I call RLR a troll here?

You know Arius I find RLR's trolling or bragging much more appealing then your crying. Get over it your team lost a good game quit embarassing rider nation.
It was tough one to lose but it happens. If I recall you took lightly to the Gass situation you sure do not like it when it happens to your team. Time to take off the bib and su-ck it up it is a loss.