Riders say okay to Taman....

It is surprising that they would be talking to coach's already but maybe because of the time constraints they are getting a short list ready and maybe the VP and CEO will have a say in the final interview. That is possible.

Tim Burke did a really good job in Montreal, to the surprise of many, myself included. He's also shown he's learned our game very quickly since his arrival in Calgary. He is well liked and made many courageous decisions in Montreal.

1- Opted for Proux instead of the more popular Boulay as starting safety.

2- Opted to make Emry a freshman NI the starting LB over the Reaper.

3- Convinced Chip Cox to convert to an outside linebacker, he's gone from an adequate halfback to the best outside linebacker in the league.

4- Convinced Diamond Ferry to play a disciplined and selfless game.

5- Stuck with his rookies instead of all star Randy Drew.

All of these were tough decisions and he had at least a part in each of them and they ALL turned out great. His defense also beat Chris Jones both games this year, another outstanding feat IMO.

So as a DC, he has been fantastic and his 20 year college track record in the NCAA is also golden. So good luck to him, I'd hate to lose him but you can only root for guys that have done well for you.

.........could be WHY????? his name has become quite prominent .....at least in the top three so far????? :wink:

I didn't make any claims regarding inside information. That was someone else.

The database that was created this season is the property of the Bombers so if Murphy were to leave today, the work left behind would be as intelligible as it was the day before and the month before, etc, etc.

From the FP a couple of days ago:

The Bombers board of directors have formed search committees for three positions: president/CEO; vice-president of football operations and head coach.

The committees will begin the work of contacting candidates and going through resumés over the next week with interviews scheduled to begin the first week of January.

The search committees will work simultaneously dealing with candidates for all three positions, however, the board is anxious to have its vice-president of football operations in place as quickly as possible.


Regarding Mike McCarthy:

Montreal Alouettes scout and longtime CFL executive Mike McCarthy confirmed Tuesday he's attracted to the job.

"Would I be interested if contacted? Yes," McCarthy said from his Stoney Creek, Ont., home. "Why wouldn't I be? It would be a great opportunity with an outstanding organization."


I am getting so tired of the Winnipeg media campaigning for Taman. It's like for every 4 or 5 paragraphs that sing the praise of Taman, there is one sentence (if any) about the all of the other candidates (not one sentence each but one sentence period). Lawless has yet another lovefest column today where he only mentions Higgins and Barker in one line and says nothing about McCarthy, Murphy or any other candidate.

.....i made comment on the fact that Kelly (hate even bringing his name-up as we have moved on) BUT he wasn't exactly the favourite guy in the Free Press after his remarks about Taman....Could there have been something to our former coachs take on the local media?????...hmmmmmmmNot that Mike didn't bring A LOT of crap on himself.....but i think you might have hit on something blue blood, as far as Taman and the local media/gang goes...I hope we DON'T bring him back...I view his tenure with the Bombers as a failure...maybe not totally....but enough that i don't want to see him in the Peg again :thdn:

I seem to recall Friesen referring to Taman as being a media darling in one of his recent columns. The Winnipeg media has a serious case of tunnel vision regarding the VP job because of their man crush on Taman.