Riders rushing average against

..........I'm too lazy too.........and if you think your riders are the best then why are you getting all bent outta shape over this string, prescribe yourself some prozac and take a chill before you spontanuously combust your britches.......I didn't start this post and I didn't enter into this thing to start a fight with you or anyone.........and I don't have to repeat myself on my point because the evidence is self explanatory........you go get all riled up that I'm slamming the riders when you haven't even read what I've written very well......not once did I slight the riders, all I said was it's premature to start claiming title to the All-Powerful Masters of the Defence Award........

.......but seeing how you've opened the door, I believe Reynolds is gonna lay a few of those angry stiff-arms we saw at the end of the game Saturday on your precious rider DBs and flatten anyone that gets in his way..........you know why?.......'cause he is freaking P.O.'d right now as is the rest of the stamps.......maybe that's why they didn't put a hurt on against winnipeg, nothing in the stove to stoke the fire......

wo there. Simmer down a smidgin. I was just playin with ya. Didn't mean to tie you panties in a knot. I thought someone with so much sarcasm and smack talk would be able to take a little. I for one love reading most of your posts and thought I would jab at ya a bit. Sorry if I offended you. As for Sat's game, I hope your stamps do bring their A-game. Reynolds, Burris and the whole gang. That way when we win there will be no doubt who is superior. I also hope all our starters, or at least those expected to return, are back so us Rider fans can make no excuses if we happen to lose. Should be a good game though. Too bad you can't go..... too bad I can't go! Either way...

Go Riders!!

........ :oops: .........after I wrote that I was thinking I reacted too harsh.........sorry for the temper tantrum..........

.........As ChrisW posted in a different forum 'simplification is the best policy', so I'll clarify, the riders D to date has proven very very effective against the run, they lead the league in stopping the ground game, time will tell if this will remain the same.........

........and I agree it should be a great game and you and I should have been able to go.........weddings, sheesh..............

So here it is, the average yards per carry against each team:

1 - SSK - 2,52
2 - EDM - 3,93
3 - MTL - 4,70
4 - WPG - 5,10
5 - HML - 5,16
6 - OTT - 5,20
7 - TOR - 5,23
8 - CGY - 6,00
9 - BC - 6,19

As most team allowed about 5,2 YPC, Saskatchewan indeed got impressive stats, showing about half that score. RedandWhite, you may still say Saskatchewan played the three teams whose runners got the lowest YPC, but I will stick by my assumption that these runners could have such stats BECAUSE they played Regina.

Beside, I have no point in defending the Riders. They are not my team. I just think that credit must be given where credit is due. They do make a good job.

........although I somewhat disagree with your assumption there is no disputing the facts as I noted above...........if the riders shut down Reynolds this saturday your assumption can be elevated to fact with my full support and if they do the same to Ranek then dust off the sword and knight them riders with the title.........

Wow. Calgary ran 225 yards right down Saskatchewan's throats.

Maybe their stats looked good because they played an inept Winnipeg offense in week 1, an anemic Hamilton offense, and a one-dimensional Toronto passing team?

Or perhaps it had something to do with Nate Davis and Daved Benefield.

Sounds like a excuse to me!!!!

Didn't I tell you to p i s s off! :slight_smile:

Go Riders!!

That is the best you can come up with.Now that is funny!!!Think about it.
You got that rider pride.
Green is the color.
You are a bad team.You are the riders,and you give the CFL a bad name!!!

What about the other 10 guys on defense? They don't know how to stop a running back?

That is how rider fans do things on this site.
They win they are the best.If they lose the excuses start flying around here.No other fans on this site make excuses.Just these riderfans!!!!

Pardon me, but several people supporting several teams make excuses for their teams when they lose. Perhaps you should think about what you write before you start beaking off.

Not me.
Last year when my Argos lost.I always said the better team won.
No excuses here.
Just like riders against my Argos last year and this year.Best team won.
When B.C. beat us both times.I gave them credit.I didn't blame the losses on anyone on my team.We just got out played.That is the difference between you rider fans and ohter fans in the CFL.We accept a loss.We might not like,However we accept it.

The better team always wins. That's the beauty of sport. Don't lump me in with all the hardcore idiots who see no wrong in their team. Just because I support the Riders doesn't mean I think they're going to go all the way this year. We got outplayed - plain and simple. I don't make excuses when we get outplayed so badly. Our team didn't show up tonight - end of story. You are generalizing, assuming all Rider fans are the same, and it's a sign of disrespect and lack of knowledge to do so.

And no, I don't like it that my team lost, but I do accept it, as any real fan would.

jm02 you are an exception many Rider fans do exactly what Saskagro states it make it difficult for good fans such as yourself.

Jm are you sure you are a rider fan?
You don't sound like a rider fan.
If you are, you are a second of your kind.
Spankeedisco cheered for her team.She didn't yap either.

We don't make excuses, we give the reasons as to why our team lost.
There are the reasons:
-Our defense didn't make big stops tonight like they have been
-We got away from our running game early and it just got worse from there
-We didn't complete the long ball
-Too many dropped balls on offense and defense

Now if those are excuses, then yes we give excuses. But if those are the reasons we lost and the things we need to work on/correct for next week then no, you are wrong argo lover. Btw, how many wins your team have?

I am most definitely a Rider fan. I just happen to have an IQ higher than that of a thimble; therefore, I know when to talk up my team and when not to.

JM02 you are correct!