Riders rushing average against

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In 4 games so far the Riders have only allowed 121 yards rushing. Does anyone else find this amazing. In Both home games total, there have only been 20 yards rushing against the Riders. thats an average of 10 yards a game. You know what they say, Defence wins championships.

I agree that is amazing also considering they played 2 of the CFL's top RB's in Charles Roberts, Avery, and Davis

Is that a new way of counting?

check it out dude. on the cfl statistics it shows 112 yards rushing before the hamilton game. after the nine yard rushing that hamilton has in week 4 against the riders, that makes 121 yards rushing.

That's awesome. Playing against Avery would make any team's rushing average against look good, but keeping Roberts and Davis to such numbers is amazing.

But think of it this way: if you are a running back, how tempted are you to run at full speed toward Saskatchewan's front four? That's kinda like running for a brick wall, except the brick wall is also running towards you...

I'm actually very impressed by both of Saskatchewan's lines.

THe defensive line is doing unbelievably great against the run, although I'd like to see just a bit more pressure.

And the offensive line is fantastic this year. Whenever Holmes was running last night he had 4 yards in front of him before even hitting the line. One offensive lineman pancaked his opponent 10 yards down the field on the first down marker.

......but now you're coming to my house to play against a real RB, not the wanna-bes your team has seen so far.........calgary's version of a human M1A1 Abrahams Tank, also known as Joffery Reynolds........

........Let's look at stats, and I do something with them to level the playing field.....I figure every RB gets at least one big one run, one breakaway scamper that kinda blows out the average, so if we deduct the longest run from the runner's total we get these stats for the top three RBs in the league thus far:

Reynolds 38 carries for 224 yards = 5.89 YPC
Holmes 61 carries for 333 yards = 5.46 YPC
Ranek 46 carries for 245 yards = 5.32 YPC

.......this is who Sask has seen this year:

Roberts 49 carries for 179 yards = 3.65 YPC
Avery 8 carries for 4 yards = 0.5 YPC
Davis 31 carries for 86 yards = 2.77

........not really intimidating runners guys so maybe you should hold off on the parade for a bit......

But the question is: Has Saskatchewan only met running backs in a drough, or are these runners in a drough BECAUSE they played against Saskatchewan?

As far as Reynolds go, I wouldn't be too afraid. I don't deny he's dangerous, but since your team almost never give him the ball, he shouldn't do too much damage.

By the way, I just can’t find a word to describe this performance. Depressing? Pathetic? Hilarious? Shameful? Pee-wee? Is there a word that really says it all?

Let’s not forget Avery predicted he’d run for 2000 yards this year. He’s only 1989 yards away from making it (if we count his longest run of 7 yards, which wasn’t in the above count)

......good points 3/10, and here's the counterpoints.......

.......remember we have played one less game than Ottawa and Sask to date so saying that Reynolds isn't seeing the ball as often as the other offensive schemes isn't really fair, practice carries don't count.....

......Roberts, Avery and Davis played other teams beside Sask and their YPC are affected by those other games so to answer your question, yes Sask has a determining factor in establishing those poor YPC but cannot take sole credit.......

.......and I agree Avery's performance thus far is pathetic.......he was benched for the BC game wasn't he?.......and the 1989 yards he has to make up is certainly daunting, but doesn't he play Montreal soon? :smiley: ..........

The Riders held Davis ( Ham) last night to very minimal yardage. Who else do they need to shut down ? Warren (BC ) ?

.......yes, Warren, and Reynolds and Ranek before the title of 'Most Stingiest Run D' can be awarded......

I believe that the toughest challenge has passed. Those guys are good running backs, but they are not as game changing as Roberts or Davis.

As the 2004 champion rusher, Troy Davis should be considered one of the ultimate threats. He was definately shut down by the Riders.

Of course, there are always ways to (try to) prove one point or another. One could say, for example, that had Hamilton been able to sustain more drives, Davis could have had more rushing attempts.

Not false, but Troy actually gained so little, that giving him the ball three times more often wouldn't have produce much more impressive stats (based on the average he got).

Let's also keep in mind the only real team the Riders have played was Toronto.

Hey pot, how black is the kettle?

Go Riders!!

It's all relative. If you play the teams that are struggling, you get to pad your stats.

I wouldn't read too much into the Riders rushing against average. When your down a few scores you have to abandone the running game.

.......true enough.......3/10, if you don't like the way I tweaked the stats, then look at this. Below is the current YPC leaders for each team (excluding Sask for obvious reasons):

  1. OTTAWA - Ranek 6.6
  2. CALGARY - Reynolds 6.3
  3. EDMONTON - Bradley/Joseph/McLendon - all around 5.1-ish
  4. MONTREAL - Lapointe 4.8
  5. BC - Warren 4.1
  6. WINNIPEG - Roberts 4.0
  7. TORONTO - Hill 3.6
  8. HAMILTON - Davis 3.2

.......so......which three teams has Sask played thus far?.......6/7/8.......so again, all I'm saying is let's reserve awarding the toughest D to run against for a little while............

Good point Red & White

And as much as I hate Burris, I actually don't mind reynolds, so it will be good to see what happens there in Calgary.
Go Riders

If you are all so obsest with stats, why doesn't someone figure out the yards per carry against the Riders. Wouldn't comparing this stat to the yards per carry of each runner we have faced be a better representation to how well we are against the run. I would do it, but I am too lazy and I have no need to prove the Riders are the best cuz I already know it:) And if I am not mistaken RedandWhite, Roberts had no problem running all over the Stamps while limiting Reynolds to around 80 yards??? And Roberts' YPC was higher. And I do believe Holmes had no trouble running rampid over Winnipeg (100+ on the gound, 60ish???? through the air, and a crap load on special teams = 300+ all purpose yardage). So how do you explain the performance of Mr.Reynolds in this case???

Go Riders!!