Riders Rule Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:cowboy: :rockin: :D :D

Riders back in first place. Impressive win against the upstart Tabbycats. With Claremont getting involved now and Fantuz back soon and Cates warming up - here come the Riders on to the Grey Cup!!!
The West is going to be a shoot-out this year. A great weekend for the CFL!!!
Riders Rule

Ya, being 4-3 is totally something to be excited about.

At 4-3, Turkey will be at Home Depot buying decorations for his Grey Cup Parade float! :wink:

Technically, Riders are in second place, in the West.

Be sure to let us all know how you feel when your boys get to four wins....

Spoilsport. . .

The difference between the Riders and the Lions is, at 4 wins the riders have more Ws than Ls, and when the lions get 4 wins they'll most likely still have more Ls than Ws!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I accept your vouch of confidence. Thank you for the enthusiatic response. I am chalking you up as a Rider Fan.

What's a "Vouch"?

No clue.

Judging by his sig pic, maybe it means "insurance salesman" in some weird Germanic tongue.....

Are you guys serious...? :expressionless:

You speak German, Chief?

A'' Vouch" is a old Germen term , we call them Fanny packs but in Germany its a Man Purse.

Ahhh. Thanks for the clarification.

Husband: "I am runnig oud to de storr. Ach. Verr are mine keyz?

Wife: "In your vouch, you sweinhund."

No no no . . .
I was talking about . . .

–verb (used without object) 1. to support as being true, certain, reliable, etc. (usually fol. by for): Her record in office vouches for her integrity.

Although, I may have used it in the wrong context.
Anyways . . . I was being sarcastic but that moment is gone. :expressionless:

Riders won with good d and lucky refing on their side and yes Rider Pride, that is the truth, everyone knows it.

And a lucky vouch.

I'll let you konw friday evening. The difference is I'm not jumping up and down about being 4-3, its nothing to brag about.

What will you do if Kelly's Krazies come out on top?