RIDERS RULE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doesn't matter which qb we play the Riders will prevail. Great comeback in front of the greatest fans in the CFL.
Good effort Ti-cats- you showed pride and class. YOur qb is one worth keeping and watching in the future. Good patience.
Congi rules - nice bank shot from 55 yards off the cross-bar - your pool playing has paid off!!!
Keep it going now Riders and welcome back Gates and Dominguez. A great team win. Congrats coaches and players. Who would you start as QB next week if you were coach??? I guess it does not matter- what depth.
Rider Pride Nation Wide
Riders Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miller for coachof the year!!!

I love how he handles your quarterbacks.

Do you have any qbs on injury reserve, ready to come back??

I imagine Fantusz could do it. The guy is that good!

Laugh all day. But this is how it is. You have a great qb. A CFL hall of fame qb maybe. Riders have 3 qbs who can be this. Be good 1 quarter. OK 1 quarter. Bad 1 quarter. On the bench the 4th quarter. And with our 3 ok to not so ok qbs we are better than your Eskimos with Ricky Ray. Coach Miller is not a problem. What about Coach Danny M?

IIRC, Eskylo is a Stamps fan, despite the suggestiveness in his nickname.

They barely beat the last place team in the CFL…yawn!

a win by 50 or a win by 1 is still a win

Proper punctuation please Turkey. That should be - what depth?

Do you have anything of value to add to the thread?

I dunno ro... it seems that Wut's question is valid... what depth? It seems we don't have a QB that can play consistently for 3 consecutive games. Unless its consistently mediocre.

Just havin a little fun. Relax, have a smoke and a pancake mr serious.

Have fun on topic!

Boy the Riders are skating on thin ice. Barely, and I mean barely beat the Ticats. It was a fun game to watch. Two struggling teams going at each other like it was the grey cup. Not a bad effort I must say. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

It was on topic, Turkey mentioned QB depth in his post and I responded about QB depth. Where is the problem here? I havent been in many forums where people are so quick to jump on the stay on topic button. I understand if someone tries to hijack the thread and goes somewhere completely different with it, but I certainly did not. I dont know about you, but in many conversations I have been in there is a bit of ebb and flow to it. We arent robots. Its not like I followed Turkey's post with something like "I like grapes" or "how about them Whitecaps"

I believe I was on topic. Smoke and pancake time!

Your first post may have been on topic, but your last two weren't. How 'bout you give posting on topic another go.

An ugly win by the Riders. I was hoping the Ti-Cats would pull out the win. How many close games have they lost now? Heart breaking. But congrats to the Riders. Just when you think they're done...

Now my Eskimos get a crack at them.

I am going off memory now, but didn't the Ticats give up the lead intentionally by taking a safety? How stupid was that?

It was essentially a gift to the Riders.

Hate to say it, but just like the old saying, "you never should take points off the board" (as in when a field goal is scored but the defensive team committed a penalty, so you take penalty rather than the points), you should never surrender the lead intentionally. Of course there may be a few exceptions - and the operative word is "few", but that safety was not one of them.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. The Ticats deserved to lose because of that, way more than the Riders deserved to win. Aren't the Ticats at the bottom of the list when it comes to sacks this year? Maybe they should sack the coach for such an idiotic decision.

So when you were referring to BC as "cellar dwellers" when, in fact, they had the same number of wins as the rest of the West it didn't apply then?

Ya, that was great. Instead of letting the Riders have 3 points, or 7 points, they ended up getting 9. They don't give up that safety it's a different game.

What does that have to do with anything?
How exacly does it relate to my point?
I mean really?
A win is a win and last place is last place! :roll: :roll: :roll:

That is hindsight but the defensive let down is good old bad DC coaching by Denny Crehan.