Which BC Lions qb will last past the first quarter:

  1. Jarius Jackson
  2. Dave Dickenson
  3. Bucko Pierce
  4. Julio Caravata
  5. Or will they have to bring back Joe Kapp???

Lions are in trouble--- I'D BE WORRIED IF I WAS A LIONS FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take your pick we can win with anyone of those.

Anyone can, the question is will they? Riders are fierd up. It should make for a close game.

Yes and we still win with ALL THOSE INJURIES...hmmm where have I heard that before???

Probably from BC weve been doing it all year.


It is the city of Vancouver that I am worried about as a long line of farm impliments driven by drunken farmers clog the Trans Canada out to Hope as they struggle with the winding roads of B.C.

lol 94 cup - a well written retort- you gave us all a good laugh. Rider fans will be there is full force enjoying the Game, the atmosphere, the CFL and the rivalry between two excellent teams. It should be a blast!

Riders Rule
Lions will drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!