RIDERS, RIDERS, RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why isn't anybody talking about the Riders??? :lol:


The transit Riders in BC are upset over the last fare hike. There is talk of boycotting Sky Train.

Wow there sure is a lot of horseback Riders out in the back country. It was funny to bicycle riders collided with each other and then began to fight.

Bike Riders are happy that the sea wall in Stanley Park will be open in two weeks.

Sporty do a lot of the bike riders in Vancouver use the bike paths year round.

What about those bull riders?


We have Bike Couriers in down town Vancouver.

Even up here at the lake, A lot of Bike Riders, Even in the Snow!

Rider in the snow!

They wrote a song about that didn't they?

Wait a minute, it was "Riders in the Storm"

Your right who wrote that song riders in the storm.
Hey sporty you ever go to the stampede and see those out riders in the chucks!

Well done subconscious Rider fans- well done!!
Redandwhite and sportman, I knew you would see the light or should I say Rider sooner or later!! Well done.
Riders Rule

Turkey it is to bad you can not teach some of your fellow rider fans to have your out look. Good on you!
Maybe just maybe you could have classes. Thats it how to become a true green Turkey Rider fan. One class could be cutting out the perfect watermelon. Another how to die your chest hair green you will have to make the gender rule here. You would not want those rider girls coming out to die their chest hair. By the way what happen to that guy that use to light the bombfire on his head. Was he your student JM02.

how many threads u planning on making?

isnt this considered 'flooding' or 'spamming'?

Turkey better get the mace out the man with no team is upset with you. :lol: :lol:

I think its called "Turkey Giberish"! :wink: :wink:

Let the Turk have his fun. Gives us a chance to return some tongue and cheek!

Free the Turkey!

Greyhound Riders this week were in shock after an accident in rural Manitoba caused by snow and icy conditions on the highway. There were no major injuries, but some Riders were taken to the hospital. The Greyhound spokesperson says 'It's unfortunate for the Riders of our fine Coaches, and for the moment we will be putting them up in a hotel until we can get the Riders back on the road and on track to their destination'. CBC reports that bus drivers often get fatigued being behind the wheel for extensive hours, at great risk to their Riders.

How about those "Ghost Riders in the Sky"?

Was it The Raiders that wrote Riders of the Storm?

Nope. The Doors just looked it up.