Riders release TURKEYBEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leader-Post- In a move perhaps more surprising than letting Michael Bishop go, the Rider management released Turkeybend from the club on Remembrance Day. GM Eric Tillman said, "his behaviour was getting more erratic and his performances were not what they were in the past." An unidentified source said rumours were circulating of hanky-panky between Gainer the Gopher and T-bend. "... they were seen often after games at various holes and bars tete to tete in deep conversation." A parking lot attendant at Mosiac claims he saw the Turkey writing messages that were not flattering on Riders management cars after Saturday's game. Furthermore, another stadium attendant claims he saw the Turkeyman stuffing what looked like a BC Felion cheerleader outfit into his backpack just after the Rider loss on Saturday. Tillman summarized, " at one time the whole organization looked to Turkeybend for leadership and inspiration whether it be through his songs or through his constant positive promotional rants about the Riders!", however, his singing has become off-key and his relationship with fans accross the country has deteriorated, hence we had to let him go just in time for American Thanksgiving". Phone calls and messages to the mysterious Rider backer have gone unanswered and the last sighting of him was apparently in Gull Lake after being arrested for impersonating a Lion cheerleader." Some say he has gone to Alaska to work for Sarah Palin on her bid for the American presidency in 2012. Others insist he may be extinct. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I'm surprised the Riders didn't try to trade Turkey rather than an outright release. Tillman could probably have gotten Kanga_Kucha from the Bombers for he/she/it.

Last seen harassing people on residential streets in Regina.


Turkey's from Gull Lake? Wow...

I could have sworn that he was from either Climax or Bienfait. Damn.


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Really, when I see your name in lights, this image is what I see! :rockin: :rockin: