Riders release receiver Jake Wieneke

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have released American wide receiver Jake Wieneke, the team announced on Thursday.

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Interesting. If WPG is interested in signing him, then Wieneke (Maple Grove MN) could scrimmage daily against Evan Holm (Edina MN), instead of just facing each other once or twice a year in games. It would be a battle of Minneapolis suburbs.


Once it gets warm enough outside in Minneapolis to toss the ball around without needing mitts and a parka they’ll get right on it. Do they have any enclosed football or soccer fields in the area that they could use for cheap?

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“Prior to joining the Green and Gold” ?!?!?

Didn’t realize that Saskatchewan changed team colours .


They must have changed very quickly. One line earlier they WERE green and white.
Two days in a row now that a “professional” has made a Boo Boo!

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I don’t think the “vikings” are using their house much since they aren’t in the playoffs.
The Golden Gophers are still too tough to play under a roof.

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I agree with Minny Man that Winnipeg could make an unexpected play for Wieneke.

Especially if Schoen is being written off because Bombers can’t match “BIG MONEY” from Toronto or Montreal. Outside shot Calgary makes a play on Schoen, too!

BIgg difference in beancounting country. Schoen should fetch $225k-$255K and Wieneke might be had for $135k-$150k

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I don’t understand your comment about Montreal and Toronto. Montreal has used up a considerable amount of their salary cap to retain the most important pieces to their puzzle and Toronto either has to shell out between now and free agency or they are going to gamble on the free market. Neither team has huge excess in their salary cap like Ottawa or Saskatchewan.

Sorry to see him go but he never really found his footing with the Riders.

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It’s an insidious plan…like subliminal mGeOsEsLaKgSes…

Hope Jake finds a job. He has been a good receiver that seems to need a connection with the QB, which is why he followed Harris to Regina.

As long as we’re (pipe?)dreaming about Minnesota receivers, Brandon Zylstra is currently on the loose.

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