Riders release Greg Carr


Not surprised.

I thought he was working out. They must have someone to bring in for a look see.

Well I think we'll see Kerrie Johnson a little more for sure. He is much smaller. Quicker and can easily provide depth to what Jock Saunders will do.

Next up, Eron Riley. Nobody knows what he can do and maybe he gets more time.

The knock on this GM is we have never really develpoed a WR of our own. Always trading and poicking up FA's. Taj Smith can keep doing what he did last week and maybe Riley is the next up.

But surprised to hear this happen after one week. Maybe his lack of versatlity got him. Both Johnson and Riley can return kicks/punts.

Clearing space for Kierre. Excited about that. :thup:

I dont get this one,, I thought that Greg had great height , performed reasonably well, and was on the upswing

Not a big surprise here, he had moments, but all in all looked slow and un-motivated. To bad with his height, he could be a great receiver, if he put 100% into it, JMO!

Not surprised in the least. Inconsistent, lazy and I have a feeling there are some personality issues. You don't go through 3 teams in 3 years for no reason.. I was never all that impressed with him, his size is nice but he doesn't use it! He reminds me a lot of a Preche Rodriquez, young, talented, big but lazy..

FTR I was reading an article on Eron Riley from a few years back. At his pro-day at duke he supposedly ran a 4.29 40 so he has speed and size! I hope he has a good work ethic!

I tend to think Cap also became a factor with him, as I believe he was making a little over 100K. While I know I have always been back and forth on him, his performance in games has not been ‘bad’ per say, just often not its potential. He does not come back to the ball, and that is what you want from that big frame…step in front of coverage for a massive target…all the tools in the world does not make someone a great carpenter…so much potential! Carr has teased the highlight reels for a while now.

His big frame is a huge weapon, but I don’t think it is as much of a factor with the O Cortez has in mind. I just loved the fact that he could line up at SB or WR. The Riders have 6ft SBs, so the diversity was nice, and there is no way around it…he demanded attention in the secondary.

On the bright side, this must mean Simon is healthy…lets hope that Simon stays so, or this might sting

I’ve often felt if I guy could piss Carr off and get him aggressive, he could be very dangerous, for he often seems to play too soft.

Here is Chamblin on Carr:


Why is there some hype on Carr:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpOm2J3jCM4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdM5C6PmN8g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6fa57mMbFQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkH7w9jEKUc

Tweet by McCormick that Simon will not play vs Calgary in Regina; perhaps a WR [from NFL] is on the way?
Notes; Anderson has been fined for his actions made towards the Eskimo bench.. Next up Calgary; close battle I say.

I tend to think if they bump someone, at least for this game at least, it will be Riley, perhaps Kierrie J...can't see a new guy coming in and playing until week 4.

I don't like that they are going to be playing a receiver w/o team experience. Seems it would have made sense to hold Carr another week or 2...even if just 46ed and not 42ed.

That said, I guess it does make room for George as well.

Sorry, I may be in the minority here, but I think that cutting Carr was a mistake. He's a young WR with a world of talent. I know Simon has meant a lot to the franchise, but with injury questions keeping him over Carr makes no sense to me (from a business standpoint).

From a business standpoint... Simon is a WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY bigger name than Carr! I would imagine that the Riders and everyone else who makes money off of the merch is happy Simon is around... haven't seen many Carr jerseys in the stands. If i was running the ticket booth, I probly wouldn't be impressed with coach telling everyone Simon wouldn't be playing, but what can you do?

That big deep no effort no catch in the pre-season game was thoroughly depressing.

On this Simon issue, whether he plays well or not is not the point, just having him out there will take pressure off all the other targets for DD. Simon may not be in his prime, but he can still be a treat in other teams eyes. Even at his age, he may of slowed down a bit, but he can still catch a ball for yards!! The question is when will he play and how long when he does, can he stay healthy enough!!

Carr was just plain lazy... to bad he could be a good WR!

A large part of Cutting Carr was for Salary Management reasons. He was making over 100 grand from that FA contract he signed in Edmonton, and he was not performing up to that. Eron Riley looks like he will get the nod this week, and the reports are he is a Matt Dominguez type but faster. One can only hope.