Riders release four in wake of loss to Lions

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders released four players on Saturday, after a Friday night loss to the BC Lions.

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You make it sound like these guys were the reason they lost to BC!


You mean they AREN'T?!! What the... :laughing:

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I am on record here prior to Jason Maas calling a play for Riders. I said it was a bad hire at the time, I wish I had been wrong.


Hopefully that means players coming off the injury list after the bye

The Riders got their milk money stolen by a far superior team. Injuries arent an excuse this game

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The four released will not make any difference unless they are freeing up roster spots for new O Linemen.

... And/or maybe a familiar, newly-released receiver? :thinking:

Is Caleb Holley an upgrade over what we have?

Just for laughs, how funny would a trade with Ottawa be right now? Like, say, receiver Williams for OLineman Boyd? :rofl:

Actually the receiver I had in mind is Lenius (released by the Falcons this week).
For all the good Duke has been, I'd be down with trading him for a decent Olineman.

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Should trade Ottawa Marino for Boyd straight up then trade Duke to Toronto straight up for Richardson . :rofl: That would be an all time guaranteed shake-up for the ages .

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Somebody picked up what I was laying down :grin:


Didn't see the Lenius news! Sign him quick!

He's also Canadian , correct ?

He is indeed.

You don't want Holley back. He drops more than Williams....

Well then he might already be Sask owned if they still have the rights to him .
That is of course if he has any interest in returning to the CFL . He might stick around down there hoping for another offer from another team .

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... That's debatable.

8 of 16 this year....

I think he will still try catching on down south. I don't see him looking up north for another month.

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