Riders release Duron Carter

Results are what matter and Jones has been found lacking in that regard.

Below average Canadian talent and depth...check
Below average overall team depth....check
Inability to manage the cap as seen with the releases and subsequent lack of depth...check
Below average offensive line...check
Inability to develop of find a top-4 QB...check
Inability to improve the offense...check

Jones is a decent DC, but a mediocre head coach and terrible general manager. The team is 3-4 and likely to be 3-6 heading into their Labor Day weekend match against the Bombers, unless Calgary and BC don't show up. Well under .500 as a head coach. Somehow I doubt Rider fans had this in mind for year 3 of the Jones era. No doubt Jones apologists will spin the Carter move a step in a positive direction as every move Jones make is a positive one!

Considering past history and how this league works, I figure DC will only be allowed to sign with Montreal, Toronto or maybe BC. I will be shocked if he signs with any other team. Those three teams need more help. Another care package on the way… Now that I think of it, Chris Jones does look like Tillman a bit. Maybe they’re related. ::slight_smile:

Did you simply copy and past this from a post of the past? Looks the same thing you like to try to spin.

OL aside, where is this supposed lack of national depth? Even with Messam gone, they have no issues starting 4 on O, with depth behind WR...yes, not great on OL. The D starts 3 and rotate very heavily with 7 nationals + 3 more in the works for down the road that look promising. If they really wanted/had to they could flip the ratio to 4 Canadians on D, 5 if you count moving Edem up to Sam...where he played very well last week. They started the season with the ability 5 + Sam. There was enough solid flexibility that they added an international to the DL. Beyond that, they can even put Judge at Wil if desired as he has actually done well there.

Overall team lack of depth? Where is the hole? They were light a solid depth DB, they have addressed that. Do tell, what is the glaring hole.you keep talking about it but have never answered. It is sure as heck not on D, and where is it on O, OL concerns aside? I am not a massive Shaq Evans fan...that is really the big potential hole, but he is still new so we shall see. Would rather have Carter there in many regards, no doubt....he has a lot of ability that will be missed. JWL is fantastic. His blocking had a few large gaps to start the season but is starting to look really good, and he might have the best hands on the team.

What team doesn't send players out for cap reasons? Every team does this. Get real. Cap is obviously not an issue, as they are not afraid to pull players off the 6 with a single game remaining nor cut ties with players that had bonuses. You are talking out your arse. And no, Carter was NOT a cap move....it will make some things available, but it is not at all why it happened.

Nope, OL isn't the greatest. Very true. I feel that is largely on the OLC. Fun fact though...they have given up ONE sack in 3 games and averaged >6 yards per rush...a number that should stay higher without Messam. Part of all of the sacks thing is a short passing game, but when a short passing game exists the rushing average generally drops. Sign of progression on the OL. FYI...there is a correlation, on a small level, to OL play and Carter no longer being around...it is a small part of it, but a part of it.

QB...let's give Zach a few games. Also...who has? Calgary and BC are the only teams that have a solid vet that has proven anything that they developed themselves. No other team has a starter they brought in and developed fully. Well, Toronto might, that is still a dogfight to see who wins that I guess....obviously not a "top 4" at this point either way.

O sucks...they were also without their starting QB for 4 games. Most teams dip when that happens....is that a surprise for you to hear?

Year one was about what was expected

Year 2 had disappointments, but the team finished strong and was darn close to being in the cup. Most people expected a winning record in year 2. They got it.

Year 3 is early, but yes, obviously the O faltered without their starter. Who knew? This team is better than last year, so as long as Zach stays healthy...which was a concern for many coming in. I've never been fully sold on Bridge, so I am glad they brought ZC in, even if it was a roll of the dice. Like last year, the team took time to put things together...expecting the same at this point. Was expecting more until ZC went down. MacAdoo's O seems to take longer to get going properly...a QB going down only slows that.

Also...heads up that Jones has a winning record as a HC. He is 44-36. he is 18-26 with the Riders.

I won't sit here and say I agree with everything Jones does. He does a lot that pisses me off, but he is building a good long-term situation.

You know they saying. You play with fire, you get burned.
Everyone know the baggage and risk that come with this guy. Predictable outcome.
Jones is hell bent on reforming a big name so he gets attention down south. He's lobbying for a big NCAA job.
Up next the grand daddy of all troubled Big name players. Terrell Owens.
Rinse repeat

Well that’s great, good for them. They can keep Jones, I wouldn’t want him anywhere near my organization even though he is good at DC

Word on the street is that this guy is somehow related to a gentleman named Chris Carter, who is in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Only team guaranteed NOT to go after Get Carter are the Bombers. They're terrified of lack of character guys, even guys that fart the wrong way in the concourse.

BC would covet the guy as an additional target for The Gingerbread Man. Reilly misses his top guy from last year so Edmonton a possibility. Calgary - meh, Hufnagel would really need several guys to go down before reaching into the spare pool for DC.

Toronto - decent salvation project for Marky Mark Trestman

Ottawa - they value some character but they value winning more. #1 team in the east - gets better even with a disturbed but talented Carter in their lineup!

Hamilton - outside chance - they need to win and win now. No more embarrassments getting licked by a bomber squad which didn't have a decent QB in the lineup!

So almost everyone in play for Carter - other than Sask'n, Wpg, prolly Calgary!

Esks - No.

No way Calgary would ever consider it.

That was mentioned on Lyle's post.

I don't believe in my 13 years or so of following the CFL that my Buckeyes have ever been as poorly represented in this league as they are right now.

Carter was the last man standing.

Up in Smoke...

I expect Duron Carter to be signed by either Toronto or Montreal. I imagine that it eventually will be Toronto/Jim Popp.


Carter is obviously a talent, but Jamie Nye a Regina radio guy kind of sums up what the issue is with him:

“You watch him in practice, as I do, and you see an effort level that doesn’t match some of the other players,? said Nye. “Sometimes there are plays [in the game] where you know it’s a run play because he’s on the outside and he’s barely making an effort to go to the line of scrimmage because he knows what’s coming.

Nevertheless I would still like to see the Als sign Carter. I guess I need more excitement in my life.

Carter is more heart attack than cancer. Perhaps a Receivers Coach like Jason Tucker can limit him to being a toothache.

They were the high bidder when he landed as a Rider. Never know.

Precisely. Telegraphing plays to the opposition because of a bad attitude/lack of work ethic is intolerable.


And reading between the lines in the Dunk interview with Carter, the Riders offensive coaches - McAdoo? - were not pleased with his complaining of lack of targets in the Edm. game.

But its not as if a team doesnt know what they are getting as part of the Carter package.

Carter could bolt at any time to "find himself" and become an artist, which is great but that is a possibilty with him, stating the obvious. He's a guy trying to find himself in life and I totally get that, good for him.

As you say ideal, everyone knows what they are getting.

Nice! Hope other teams are as smart,

The kid although very talented, is a head case and not worth the trouble with the major baggage.