Riders release Duron Carter

We have announced the following roster moves:

•Int’l receiver, Duron Carter

#CFL https://t.co/mG96rdjO3s

"Welp... just got the call... I’m out Sask! Love y’all!!! Most fun I had in a long time!!!"

Didn't see this coming. Off field issues about to surface?


Kavis Reed on line two.

Very much underused this year by Jones.
Unless of course Carter became a cancer on the team, now that’s always possible.

Some speculation his contract isn't guaranteed at this point and thus why they cut him.

I know this is gonna sound crazy................could they be making room for TO?

Yep - K-Vis is on the line. Prolly already has a 2 bus tickets to Montreal - 1 for Carter, 1 for his ego.

Now Chris Jones, can go ahead and work out 49 yr old Milt Stegall who ran a 5.01 40 in his street shoes and suit.

Next up - 65 yr old Bob Cameron, The Acadia Rifle - Jones could turn him into a safety and backup punter! lol

Chris Jones absolutely sucks as a GM

...wild, out of left field eh? Depop will explain all when he gets a chance...

TSN reporting that he wasn’t given a reason when he was released.

He will be signed by Monday :frowning:

DC is too much of a loose cannon upstairs and it's a shame with the talent he has.

I could see MTL signing Duron Carter and releasing E.Jackson

E.Jacksons contract isn't guaranteed until after the 9th game

Jim Popp on line 1.
Ed Hervey on line 3.

Well that kinda sucks. It's been a weird year for Carter, playing D instead of O, where's he's been amazing the past few years. I just don't get that. I've been rooting for him to achieve some stability, especially since the Eastern Final last year.

Well, maybe he'll end up full-time in Toronto now . . . or Montreal, more likely.

Unless something happened off the field this is a head scratcher.
He was asked to play some special teams. Ok
He was an all star receiver. Ok
He was asked to play DB. Ok

Thanks for that, heres the door.

So far this year Jones seems to be outcoaching himself.
Now it looks like he is out GMing himself.

Just praying his replacement isnt Owens.

Depop posted not too long ago in the Rider forum - there was a conflict of sorts.

...wild, out of left field eh? Depop will explain all when he gets a chance...
Depop posted not too long ago in the Rider forum - there was a conflict of sorts.
I do know some details, but this is one that I need to respect the team and not say a whole bunch at this time. I've butted heads with certain people within the club a bit in the past bit, but won't on this. It sounds like Jones is going to speak on it a bit, so I will at least wait for that. I will say that it is nothing crazy like the Messam instance, it is not to make room for TO (not saying that won't happen, just saying this is not a part of that), and while they are spending more of the cap than they would ideally like to be at at this point, it is supposedly nothing to do with cap (they would only save 11.65 to 42k in SMS, so I tend to believe that, especially when they just pulled players off the 6 game early and paid out the full 6) and say that there is room. There was a growing issue and the breaking point was met. I am rather mixed on it, I will say that. I can say I knew this week that they flirted with him on the trading block seeing if there was a big bite, but I honestly thought he would be aware of that (which would make sense if I could share more at this time), but I don't think he was, and I didn't think they would move (never mind release) him at this point unless there was something beefy. It was a scenario I know was an issue, just didn't think it was this bad.

Well....there is some more on it, but not all.

Carter wouldn't have lasted this long with most coaches/GMs. He actually did a lot for Carter away from the field.

If that is true, it still would not alter my opinion of Chris Jones as a GM. Or as a coach or person for that matter

Talented player, but too much baggage and drama. Buh-bye.

he asked for his release because they wouldn't let him play QB

Well, I can attest that most of the players who play for him think rather highly of him. That's what matters.