Riders Release Corey Holmes!

As I recall there was actually a fair number of posts displaying outrage that Wes Cates might say something less than flattering about the Stampeder organization/management.
"Wes Cates is to nice a guy".
"Wes Cates has friends on the Stamps; Why would he say such things".
"No way Wes Cates would say that--show us the proof, links, articles".
The only "odd" thing, as I recall, was that the comment was off on a bit of a tangent (sort of like this is now) and the response the poster got.

Calling some of the people in the Stampeder organization "backstabbers" given their treatment of Higgins seems to be letting them off easy. I'd say worse.
If Corey Holmes feels betrayed over being released, and says something disparaging about ET or the Riders, well he is entitled to his opinion.
I'll be surprised if he says such things.
But I won't lose any sleep over it if he does.

...hmmmm, all I recall is asking for some backup (that still hasn't been produced) to verify that a rider said something instead of maybe having words put in his mouth...and going off on a tangent would be bringing Higgins into a thread that clearly has nothing to do with him, but seeing how you're obsessed with how he was treated here at the end of the season I guess I shouldn't be surprized, anyway, back to the subject at hand now folks....

I find it interesting you would start this redwhite....you are in fact the person who introduced the well ex player comment. I guess you were hoping to get a re-action and got one you didn't like.

So while you maybe critical of riders don't anticipate a veiled comment will go unchallenged.

...what makes you think I didn't like Arius's comment or that I thought it would go unchallenged?...I welcome the debate, bring it on in effect...and where was I critical of the riders?...in fact, I was originally trying to defend one of your well-loved players from potentially being painted in a non-flattering light....sheesh...a bunch of you green guys get a little red in front of your eyes these days and you go el loco toro on it....

...anyways, back to Corey Holmes, he'll be wearing green and gold in about four weeks....

Red and I are good here, Mike.
Though it was him that took this train in a different direction....

I believe the comment, made by me in another thread (a month ago?), and quoted by you, was in fact completely related to the Higgins affair, so for me to now comment on that aspect seems fair to me.

And I would have liked to see some substantiation of the Wes Cates alleged comments as well.
I just didn't think it was impossible they were true, etc., , as some (perhaps not you, Red?) seemed to be arguing.
However, it really was a while ago and so if your mission was to test my flagging memory, success!

However, by all means, back to the topic at hand.
What ever that is...?
I'll have to go back and read the title/thread....