Riders Release Corey Holmes!


The Saskatchewan Roughriders released import running back Corey Holmes on Tuesday.

Holmes re-joined the Riders this past season after a three-player trade with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

''Given our great affection for Corey, and all he means to our province, this is a very difficult move for all of us,'' said Roughriders general manager Eric Tillman in a statement. ''Corey Holmes is the epitome of class, and, if his Rider playing days are over, he will go down as one of the all-time gentlemen to ever wear green and white.''

''Removing emotion from the equation, however, this was a step we had to take. With the re-signing of Wes Cates, if Corey were to come back, his role would be that of a complimentary back and special teams player. That, combined with his exceptional character, clearly does have high value, but, in a cap era, we simply can't afford to pay well over six figures to a non-starting player."

Holmes dressed in nine regular season games this season where he picked up 73 rushing yards, 135 receiving yards, 584 kickoff return yards and 411 punt return yards. He also dressed in both playoff games and the Grey Cup Championship game in Toronto.

''As I told Corey today, the door is certainly open for him to come back in 2008,'' Tillman added. ''But, if he chooses to go elsewhere for financial reasons or for any other reasons of his own choosing, he will always have a unique and special place in Saskatchewan history. And, as such, we are so grateful we were able to acquire him last fall and have him as a significant part of our Grey Cup championship team. It's an honour Corey richly deserved."

Holmes is the Riders all-time leader in kickoff return yards with 3,493 and punt return yards with 3,296.

Ooh! Edmonton. Pick him up! We could use the boost in special teams.

...can't say I'm overly surprised at this, but still...missed him before, will miss him again...

that is what I thought jm. I am not surprised, he has lost speed, has trouble with ball security and never really had a position on the team other than returner and they are a dime a dozen. I am still kind of ticked that we essentailly gave up Armstead now for nothing. However great move by ET nonetheless!

Armstead is Awesome!

I was thinking this would happen he's definetly slowing down great guy with loads of heart atleast he got a cup with the Riders, he'll end up somwhere maybe even TO with the Als

I am very happy he got the Grey Cup, he deserved it. The Riders also said they would sign him at a fraction of his six figure salary and that would be fine with me if they went that road as well. He just isn't worth that much $$$. Hopefully for Corey things work out wherever he goes. He will alwasy bleed green!

This hurts more than the first time for whatever reason :frowning:

...geez Arius, I hope Corey doesn't call the riders backstabbers, 'cause you know, "in fact it is common for players--ex-players--to say such things".....

Realistically, if the Riders had kept Holmes at his $165,000 salary, what would that mean for Dominguez? $300,000?

Holmes was a key ingredient on the Grey Cup run but he simply isn’t worth $165,000. And I highly doubt anyone else will bring him in at that salary.

If Edmonton was smart they'd make him a decent offer. Tompkins is a waste of space. Cut him from the roster, and use whatever money saved and maybe a little extra to sign Holmes. Make him our special teams guy, and having him in the running game wouldn't hurt, either, especially if Ebell is seriously considering jumping to the NFL.

What if Getzlaf makes the Riders? He could start in 2 or 3 years. Far from nothing.

Holmes may be back with much lower salary. If he is it was a great trade. If not it depends on Getzlaf.

I heard in an interview once holmes saying if it came to it he'd take a pay cut to stay in Sask. and didn't ET say if he wants to come back for cheaper he can??

You are right ap, he very well could but until he does well it is not helping us losing one of the most dynamic players in the league for a guy that got released and a guy who has never played kind of hurts right now. Having said that I believe BC traded Jojuan Armour to the ticats for a lower draft pick and Armour is a star in the league so you take your chances and you win some and lose some. Hopefully Getz does make his way into the line-up but until he does its is not far from nothing.

We won the Grey Cup.... I wouldnt change a damn thing.

And I was probably the most against the trade when it happened if I recall correctly according to the posting...

The reality is there will always be changes from one year to the next, that is the nature of the business so "not changing a damn thing" is damn near impossible.

So clearly you misunderstood what I said...

Im saying any changes that were made resulted in us winning the Grey Cup. I wouldnt change any of them.

Just for the record, Getzlaff was cut as well only not announced, he is listed as free agent and not a potential free agent.

I suspect both Holmes and Getz will be in riders training camp.

The riders need a return man, last year the other guys who tried for the riders particularily Hill they sucked.

I know they just signed that other DB who was a start returner, but he is unproven.

It seems unlikely that Corey Holmes would say such a thing.
Far more likely to get the, "when God closes a door, he opens a window" speech from him.
But if he did say such a thing, Red, I wouldn't get my panties in a bunch over it the way some did when rumour had it Cates did say such a thing about the Stamps.
Because it is common for players--ex-players--to say such things.

...not sure who had their panties in a knot, just found it odd that a rider fan accused a rider player of saying such a thing....