Riders release 5

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...bye Seth

A little bewildering that Seth stuck as long as he did with Glenn around now.
Aghayere departure is a bit surprising.

Doege was plain aweful. Whether he had first time jitters or what, I probably yelled the loudest at my tv that day.

The most awfull part of that day turned out to be how Cortez handled and ruined Sunseri in the weeks that followed. Sunseri came in, went someting like 18-20 for 300+ yards, 3 T.D.s, 2 or 3- 2 point converts and was on fire. This after doing the same thing a few weeks earlier against Ottawa in the comeback win. Then the next week Cortez treats him like a raw rookie with the playbook that he limited Sunseri to and he was totally inefective, as Brady would have been running that scheme and play calling. This carries on for the rest of Sunseris starts, because Cortez is so F*****ng high on himself that he couldn't come to terms with a relative rookie picking up his "SELF PROCLAIMED" ingenious playbook that quick. Cortez is more of a cancer than a positive to anyone around him and we are going to see that this year with the Lions.

Sunseri is absolutely nothing special. Probably the least talented backup we have had in over a decade. Even Rocky Butler had his moments and looked good. He won the Labour Day classic in 2002 and then blew away the Ticats 43-13 and 51-8. Sunseri beat Ottawa, a first year team with a severe lack of good talent.

I am by no means a Sunseri a big fan of Sunseri, but it is not like he has not had his moments. I recall him setting a CFL record for most 2pt converts in a game, and I believe that was in one half. Really, anything Tino did off the bench looked pretty darned good, and anything he did starting sucked. That, IMO, says more about how certain coaches prepped him going into those games.

The way Milo was kicking I would have gone for 2 point converts all season as well.

To me that says that the opposition prepared for another QB with a completely different style and game plan.

Like I said, even Rocky Butler (or Steven Jyles, Dinwiddie etc) had their moments.

That being said, I'll be very surprised if Tino is even around at the end of training camp.

the difference was that when Tino came on off the bench he had a wide open playbook. When he set the record for 2pt converts it almost capped an amazing come from behind win over the Stamps. When he started it was pretty obvious that his book was very narrow (this was even stated by staff publicly) and staff had gotten in his head about not making the big mistake, so even when there was an opportunity he became gun shy. This was seen when DD was starting to, not just Tino, sorry, it was less to do with the other team's prep and more to do with poor coaching...obviously not entirely, 2nd string guys often come in and have some level of success because the D did not prep for them and it is often in a nothing to lose situation...but Tino looked good continuously off the bench...big difference...and the 2pt convert record is a specific point to it...I don't care if you are the starter or a backup...doing that shows that you have ability. It is a much more impressive accomplishment than people realize when glancing at it.

The staff was very publicly vocal that the team's O was there to control the ball and not give turnovers from preseason on, so one knows darned well how much more in the players heads they were about it, especially RBs and QBs. This was also a factor in Cortez having lackluster creativity. Cortez is a great OC, and he didn't become bad over night on his own. He was given the task of playing it safe, and the O suffered from it.

Chamblin does some stupid things, but his largest detriment is his one sidedness with the club...he is entirely about D. That is where the attention goes. He wants to win games by D and that is where he puts his resources. At the dog's breakfast recently he showed this yet again when most of the staff, including BT, chatted about wanting to draft O in the first round...more so specifically OL, outside chance on a WR. Chamblin basically stood alone saying that he wanted to draft D.

This blindness is likely going to end up costing him his job. BT has been pretty coy this off-season. Chamblin has been insistent on a few things, and BT has given him the rope to either rein in a good team or hang himself. The fortunes or misfortunes of 2015 will land squarely on CC, not BT. BT has done his job...he filled the void at LB and backup QB and brought some experience to compete at receiver, though he fell short on ratio guys IMO (but there is only so much one can do there). CC has stacked the D with signings and pretty much ignored the O where the issues were. He axed a longstanding DC who has a pretty good track record, and he hired an OC that BT did not agree with, or was at least not his first choice.

You're placing waaaaaay to much emphasis on the 3 x 2pt converts. Calgary already had on a bunch of their second stringers on the field. Sure Sunseri completed those three converts but that is not to say that it cannot be repeated by many others. Your average QB gets a chance to throw for three in a season if they are lucky let alone a single game. IIRC DD himself has had only 2 2pt converts ever fail to put points on the board (both dropped by Getz).

Tino played well once coming off the bench under any type of pressure last season, the rest he played OK (but still slow as molasses in January in his reads, footwork and getting himself ready to pass). Watch replays of him grabbing his snaps. He starts falling back into the pocket well before the ball is even in his hands. Most of the time he is catching the snap between his knees and ankles. That is not the snappers fault, it is Tino trying to buy himself that split second more before he eventually turtles (seriously, how does a QB get sacked on a handoff). The number of times Tino was sacked was through the roof and that should have never happened with the O-Line that we were blessed with the last couple of years.

I agree with your assessment of Chamblin. I think Cortez himself was under a fairly short leash under Chamblin and much of the blame being placed on Cortez is a result of Chamlin reeling him in. I have a feeling that Cortez is going to destroy us with his offence especially with the new rule changes.

I also thought it was a prick move for Chamblin to make sure that everyone knew that he was the one calling the D in their final game. Basically said "I fired Richie but let him collect a cheque until the end of the season".

I tend to agree that Cory has the blinders on when it comes to the offense. He puts far too much emphases on the defense stopping the other team from scoring and true the defense does certainly have to do its job but in my opinion they did last year and even that couldn't win them games. Perfect example was the western semi final. The defense shut down edmonton completely but the special teams allowing that punt return td and the offense not being able to do squat was the reason the Riders lost. It had nothing to do with how the defense played. You put any defense on the field for more then 3/4 of the game and your in big trouble. For some reason Cory seems to have missed that point and got rid of Hall and brought in a new OC that is highly questionable at best in his creativity. That to me says the offense may be stagnant and very predictable again this year and without a superstar running back and some questions on the O line it could be a bit of a painful year for Rider fans especially on offense.
Yes defense do win championships provided they are not on the field all game. You have to be able to capitalize on the other teams mistakes and from your defense giving you the ball in good field position. If you can't then unless the defense starts picking off a ton of passes and scoring themselves more then likely you will lose.

I'm not sure who to blame for the offense being so bland and predictable last year. At first I thought it was Cortez but I think maybe Cory had a good portion of responsibility for it also. I mean if you look at the first year of his coaching Cory didn't meddle in the offense hardly at all and left it up to Cortez and they had a pretty balanced attack. Yes having Durant go down and no solid back up certainly didn't help the situation last year either but it seemed the focus was completely on not turning the ball over instead of being creative and taking a shot once in awhile. This year with Cortez out of the picture we will most likely find out if it was him or Cory responsible for the vanilla offense we had last year. If it was in fact Cory then most likely he will have to be replaced. Durant is in his prime and has a smaller window left for being the main man so to squander another season away on an offense that has no new wrinkles to it or an offense that plays a quick two and out style game will not sit well with any Rider fans and somebody will have to answer for it. Cory was the guy that wanted Chappy over Lapo for whatever reason( perhaps he wanted complete control) from some rumblings I have heard so if Chappy is crappy that is on Cory and the end of that story. :wink: It`s sink or swim time for Cory and if the team does not perform then his days are numbered in Riderville for sure.