Riders - Redblacks

The Riders have a better record than the Redblacks. Why is the game not in Regina?

Way to cold and Ottawa has better Bars & Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While the Roughriders have a better record than the Rough Riders the Roughriders only qualify for the playoffs due to the crossover rule while the Rough Riders managed to qualify in their own division. The Roughriders must now travel to play the Rough Riders in their home stadium despite the fact the Roughriders have a superior record to the Rough Riders.

Also of interest is the fact that despite the Roughriders having a superior record to the Argos as well it is the Argos who get the bye and not the Roughriders. The Argos will also host the East final against either the Rough Riders or the Roughriders regardless of who wins the east final or the regular season record of the Rough Riders or Roughriders, whoever wins.

Clear as mud?

There still are tickets left in OTT.

Riderville - fill those stands !

Come on Ralph Goodale, get out and support YOUR team.

Go Riders Go

NOW that is sweet. Well done and happy groundhog day.

The playoff format is what it is... but given the regular season matchup between the teams, this should be a great game to watch.

Also... if there was one division... Edmonton and Sask would have home playoff dates... maybe its time to rethink having West & East...

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Ottawa is the capital so the game is required to be played in Ottawa.


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Ken, any chance you are American and are seeing the CFL for the first time ?

Here is how the play-off works.
It is called a division cross over .

If the 4th place team in a regional division has a better record then the 3rd place team in the other division, then the 4th place team becomes the 3rd place team and must play away at the 2nd place team. Regardless of record.

In this case:

1 - CGY 1 - TOR
2 - WPG 2 - OTT
3 - EDM 3 - SSK
4 - SSK

And he hasn't made a post since. Hasn't been back since a couple hours after he posted his question. Suspicious? Remind you of the behavior of a particular poster? Posts something to illicit some heated discussion (a pretty poor attempt this time) then disappears.

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Canada-2nd largest country in the world. Distance between Vancouver and Montreal(the 2 teams farthest apart) by air-over 2200mi/3000km.. Geography has everything to do with the CFL. If the league expands down east, it will be even more so. If the CFL played in a country the size of France, I could understand one division.
Other leagues have divisions based on geography and some teams in one division get 1st place byes even though they would be in 3rd or 4th place in a different division.
If anyone needs to understand why the league HAD 2 teams named the same, all you have to do is look it up. The history explains it all.

The reason for geographic divisions is to save travel costs, but that is not an issue with the current schedule which is balanced but for 2 games. If they expand to a 10th team in the east the schedule will be perfectly balanced making geographic divisions a completely moot point.

As for the Rough Riders/Roughriders, that's just fun to play with. To me nothing is more Canadian than the Grey Cup games between the Rough Riders and the Roughriders. :wink:

I think the current PC term for people who engage in this kind of activity is "provocateur".

I would use the other term, but I don't want to be accused of cultural appropriation by a bunch of offended Scandinavians.

Thanks Dave. That gave me a bit of a chuckle. In future I will use the politically correct "provocateur". 8)