Riders @ RedBlacks

I hope it's a good game, with great results, time will tell, if they win, it could be an interesting finish to end of season!!

It's good to see the team starting to take shape. A bit late for this year but looking great for next season.

Everyone new this year was the rebuild - it bottomed out lower than most expected but gotta say they are looking very good so far

Good statement win for the Riders. They where crapping the bed in the 4th but hung in there to win. If only they had found there niche in the first 10 games lol .... at least Rider fans have more to be positive about since midway through the 2014 season

was an ugly win, but a win!

offense starting to move the ball when needed,
defense starting to look good but need to clean up their brain farts and penalties.
as a whole team starting to look good, just need a couple of small pieces,
and 1 huge piece, the resigning of Durant,
if Durant hits the open market will we be able to afford him ?

If he hits the open market he is gone. No way should Jones even allow this to get close to that happening.

I don't think durant has anymore to prove, if they don't sign him after this game, then I guess they don't want him, that would be a shame.

yes we need DD signed yesterday, without him, next season will look like this one!

Umm I think if Darian is gone then this year will look a lot better then next year. Think we win 3 in a row with Gale or Bridge? I sure don't. In my opinion if they don't have Darian back next year it will be even more of a rebuild then this one, how well will that sit with the fans? Your showing improvement as the season moves on and then you cut the legs out from under the team by not having a proven starter at the most prominent position. Yeah not a smart move.

Jones & company have made some pretty good signings lately. It would be a shame if they undo it all in one single mistake. We have the receiving weapons but if you don't have the trigger to allow them to fire then it's all for not.

Darian is the trigger and the firing pin that sets things in motion. Without him we are shooting blanks.

Totally agree Jimmy! Naaman, Edwards, Collins Jr. Bagg,and Hollie, and Steele at RB, with healthy O line, this O rocks

I agree that DD needs to be re-signed, but, it is not solely up to Jones to get the deal done. Like it or not, DD is the one in the drivers seat. If he wants to stay he will, if he doesn't he won't. To already start laying the blame at Jone's feet if DD doesn't get re-signed is ludicrous. Yes there have been reports that DD has said he wants to stay, and maybe he really does. But don't under estimate the power of using the media as a tool to apply pressure in negotiations..and that is exactly what has been going on if you ask me.

Yes that could very well be the case, let's just hope he doesn't get a low ball offer that causes him to go elsewhere then. He must be offered a reasonable amount . You can't expect him to take a low ball offer at this stage of his career, he has already proved his worth.

Sign of a team getting better when they can still win after playing pretty ugly D in the 4th.