Wow, the numbers have finally come out as the article suggests.
However only $1.7M profit?
Is it only me but would this be creative accounting. As most teams spend around $15M annually, some $8M should be stashed in the bank account.
Regardless, it is clear how the team has outlived the small confines of the delapidated(sorry Riders fans- Dump)Mosaic field.
Instead of spending good money after bad, I keep saying build a spanking new $35,000 seat state of the art stadium, with shops and convention centre for year round use. Think of the annual profits then.
Just like Mr. Asper is doing in Winnipeg.
And while we are at it, maybe this will catch on in Hamilton and Atlantic Canada or Quebec City?

[url=http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/news/sports/story.html?id=b595c88d-b4bd-41ca-beec-14f0ed4ef2e7]http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/ ... f0ed4ef2e7[/url]

no thanks.

Why not?
If we were talking about hockey and you had let's say a 35 year old arena that was falling apart, there is no question how the city, province and the feds would find the dollars to bulid new.
CFL is the second most popular sport in the country and rising on hockey. In fact an arguement can be made how the Grey Cup is the only single unifying force left in our country.

Eventually Mosaic will have to be replaced, you can only renovate something so much. Renovating is a cheap fix, not a longterm one.

I think talks should start about a new stadium, I can't recall a better time when the province was doing well and the team profitable.

The reason that this can work in Winnipeg is location! The area around the stadium is a very desirable commercial warehouse light industry area. The current TF space is not and even the idea of moving it to the container area has significant problems. Could a new facility being value to the area? Yup, but it would still be an uphill struggle. Plus you do recall that the idea includeds giving up the teams community ownership for private!

I have always said, that IF a new stadium is built, then we should go the whole hog and build some form of indoor stadium. But to me the idea of renovations make the most sense. It is greener, more economic and can still provide a useful space.

Its $1,700,000. Think about it. It is one season. God knows how the next few will go.

The team just ordered a whole bunch of letterhead with the current address, and they'd hate to have to throw all that out.

It doesn't really matter how much money the Riders make in regards to acquiring a new facility, the bulk of it will need to be from a private investor or government money.

How many really rich guys are in Regina and who love the CFL?

Paul Hill

As an explanation to others not from around here… he/his company pretty much owns half of the buildings you see in Regina’s downtown skyline shots.

In other words, two.


Well, they're both nice buildings.