Wow, the numbers have finally come out as the article suggests.
However only $1.7M profit?
Is it only me but would this be creative accounting. As most teams spend around $15M annually, some $8M should be stashed in the bank account.
Regardless, it is clear how the team has outlived the small confines of the delapidated(sorry Riders fans- Dump)Mosaic field.
Instead of spending good money after bad, I keep saying build a spanking new $35,000 seat state of the art stadium, with shops and convention centre for year round use. Think of the annual profits then.
Just like Mr. Asper is doing in Winnipeg.
And while we are at it, maybe this will catch on in Hamilton and Atlantic Canada or Quebec City?

[url=http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/news/sports/story.html?id=b595c88d-b4bd-41ca-beec-14f0ed4ef2e7]http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/ ... f0ed4ef2e7[/url]

I say go for it. I think the feds should put money into a project like this, just like they should in Winnipeg, as long as the province, city, and private business are contributing as well. Public private partnerships are the way to go :smiley:

Sorry but there are some confusions here. $35,000 (or 35,000 seats) for a new stadium? $22.9 million gross profit (or revenue)? Assuming that CFL teams use generally accepted accounting practices, $1.7 million (net profit) seems reasonable as reported. With such a small profit, building a new stadium isn't feasible.

If a new stadium were to be built in the next few years, it would have to have a new location. I doubt that many Regina businesses would be too happy about a new stadium being built on the outskirts of Regina. Its a very complicated situation, and my guess would be that a new stadium will not be built for the foreseeable future.

A new stadium not only can be a sense of pride for the citizens, but it can revitalize the entire city.

I agree. We need more forward-thinking in this league. Why can't CFL teams build new facilities. MLS is doing it. They have the same economical footing (or close to) the CFL. And don't tell me it's an American thing. You got guys like Saputo and Kerfoot build brand spanking new stadium. In Vancouver's case, Mr Kerfoot has gone through 5 years trying to get the darn thing built on land he owns. 80 million dollar investments for division 2, soon to be 1 soccer teams. That's what we need in the CFL. We need the can do, will do attitude. I think Mark Cohon can bring that.

BUt it is not like Asper. The main reason that the deal with Asper might work is the value of the land that will become available for commercial development. This is unlikely to be the same in other locations.

The MLS model works because even with smaller stadiums, they get a lot more fans because they play a lot more games! With a 10 game sched, you have to have a larger facility in order to get enough fans.

I know, I know, there is Montreal, BUT even with the highest ticket rates in the league, the team has been losing money and are expanding the # of seats so that they can make money!

MLS is also a new league with way more room to grow.

i dont think a $35000 stadium would be very state of the art :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the CFL and the MLS ought to partner up somehow. A soccer stadium and a football stadium would probably have the same dimensions. Get together some cash and build a stadium that both teams can share.

Interesting thought Rob, but the problem with it is I dont see Saskatchewan getting a MLS franchise, so no shared costs on a new stadium. Taylor Field is still very good structurally, so you can either retrofit it or add on-- that would be the senisble way for the Riders, the City and the province to go. Argotom has a skewed view of TF- he has only seen it on TV and not in person, so he really doesnt have much of a clue what he is talking about when he says that the Riders need a new stadium.

Why would it matter where in Regina it is? It's not even a big city.

Of course it matters. Where are you gonna put it?

Our concept of distance and space must seem funny to anyone from a large center - you can stand in the middle of Regina, and drive 15 minutes in any direction and be in a wheat field, yet we don't know where we'd put a football stadium.

Actually it does matter. Many bars and restaurants are within walking distance of Taylor Field(less than 10 blocks), and I would doubt many of them would be too happy if a new Stadium were built in south Regina or in east Regina towards the Trans-Canada going East. Regina may not be a big city to you, but a downtown location would be ideal.

I stand by my post.
If we were talking about hockey and you had let's say a 35 year old arena that was falling apart, there is no question how the city, province and the feds would find the dollars to bulid new.
CFL is the second most popular sport in the country and rising on hockey. In fact an arguement can be made how the Grey Cup is the only single unifying force left in our country.

Not here. We love our football... It's just different here.

You know, why don't you try visiting TF first before you declare it a "dive"! TF is old, but is well maintained and great for watching a game. They are going to make improvements, and I will look forward enjoying those upgrades that they do make. If they build a new stadium , that is fine, but there is nothing wrong with the old one. At least it is well maintained, unlike another stadium that has to rebuilt now that they have their 3rd shot at even having a franchise again.

This is not a slag on TF.
I have never been there, hope to go one day. Everyone who has been has told me it's a great place to watch, the atmosphere is super, but the place is old and needs new.
Exactly like Ivor Wynne in Hamilton and which I have been numerous times. An awesome place to watch as you are right on top of the action. But, the seats largely are bench variety, it is run down and the concessions are horrible.
Both places like I say would be condemned and long ago replaced if they were hockey(shrine) arenas.
So why can't the stadiums be replaced?