Rider's Receivers...

...just seem to be on a different level. They catch pretty much everything. How do you beat that?

The whole team looks solid and Durant is getting better every game, which is scary !

No kidding. They just don't seem to do anything wrong...

Right after one of the many Lions receiver drops tonight, they panned onto Durant on the bench and you could hear him saying how the Lions receivers had no focus.

The Riders come to play every night, right down to the water boy, wish we could get that out of our players too.

getzlaf had a pretty ridiculous drop tho too.

riders werent perfect tonight but.. when printers went down cuz he tripped on ??? WHO KNOWS WHAT.. that game was essentially finished.

lulay looked ok but bc's oline got eaten alive out there so not much of a chance for the kid.

on a side note tho

BUT wow does printers look just britle and weak. like reminds me of a soccer player, diving out there like a fool.

simpson like barely touches him and he goes down like he's shot early in the game.

ill also say this.. Ill take buck pierce over printers anyday.

The Rider receivers are playing very well but it's also coaching too. Berry is doing a tremendous job scheming to get players like Dressler in favorable matchups (sometimes on the quick end rounds, sometimes deep, etc.). Obviously Berry has used the time off to come up with some great schemes. I expect this to alleviate a bit over time as defensive coordinators adapt to what he's doing. Remember, they haven't seen him call a game in a few years.

.....this Dressler kid catches everything thrown in the vicinity of his hands.....I think it's talent more than the schemes in his case....I could dream up a play for him and he'd make me look good...He's just a natural...One thing i have noted as well, is that Durant IS getting better every time out....i aso like how they use their backs and aren't scared to throw the rock to them once in awhile....The Bombers need to see more of that in their schemes. :wink:

Personally, i haven't been overly impressed with what i have seen from the Riders thus far. I think they are very beatable, not sold on that defence of there's just yet.....front seven should be fine, but the secoundary still seems pretty questionable. If they didn't get the pressure they did, the game would have been much closer. Still they are 1 or 2 best team right now, just something missing for me, i dont know.....

The problem defending against Durant is his running ability up the middle. Teams will set him up in the coming games. You can not cheat the middle linebacker in to coverage against Durant. He is extennding half to a dozen drives a game with these trick plays where he runs the ball up the middle. He's scored two touchdowns in two games this way.

Papa, I know Bomber fans have trouble accepting that Doug Berry can be responsible for anything good, but if Dressler is such a phenomenal talent on his own, it doesn't say much about your current head coach who was O.C. in Sask last season. :wink:

I am not arguing that Dressler is a human highlight-reel. But I would also add that Berry is finding creative ways to make him even more dangerous. The end-around at the LOS allows Dressler to use his speed to turn the corner and pick up 10-12 yards before a single defender lays a hand on him. They also use motion to get him in space on shallow crosses and matched up against SAM linebackers. So it's not just the deep routes and Dressler's own God-given ability. The coaches are scheming a helluva game plan for Dressler and the rest of the receiving corps (Fantuz, Bagg, Getzlaf).

Doug Berry was a very good OC in Montreal, and it's nice to see him picking up where he left off.

I haven't really noticed anything new that they are doing with Dressler this season. They ran the end-around with him in previous seasons, for example.

Dressler has the best hands of the bunch ! Some how our scouting staff didn't find this guy ! He was playing 2 hours away at UND ! I saw him him play twice and it was fairly obvious he was at least worth bringing in to camp ! People wonder why SK has become a solid team and us not so much !

Berry ran a great offense in Wpg back in 2007, many Bombers had career years in that system.

I'd say Berry has even more talent to work with now than he did in 2007, the biggest difference being Durant over Glenn.

SASK and wpg arre running the exact same offense.. difference is.. sask has been running it for 3 years now with the same players.. winnipeg just started it 2 weeks ago. give it time.

the same stuff u are seeing from the riders this year, they did last year. alot of that offense is lapo's plus austins plus millers. berry is just the guy calling the plays. nothing more, nothing less.

does he deserve credit? not really.. cuz i havent seen anything new out of the riders offense that i havent seen b4.


So the Riders are paying Doug Berry to call the plays? He's got nothing to do with the Riders' offense, which is apparently owes more to Kent Austin than it does to the current offensive coordinator?

:lol: When you're ready to talk football, let me know.
does he deserve credit? not really.. cuz i havent seen anything new out of the riders offense that i havent seen b4.
Then you should watch what the Riders are doing with pre-snap motion and receiver formation. It's not that they're doing brand-new innovative things; they're being clever and creative and thereby finding ways to make a very good receiving corps that much deadlier.

they did it all last year. its no different at all. just a different guy calling the plays.

You're right, no difference. No difference at all. It's the exact same plays, formations, and audibles. :lol: :lol:

not dissin the riders, i hate to say this but my ideal grey cup every year would be wpg vs sask. the 2 smalllest yet most vocal team loving citys. hardcore passionate fans in both regina and wpg. ITS GOOD.

all im saying is i have seen the riders use those plays work now for 2, 3 seasons. im also seeing the bombers use alot of the sask offensive schemes. Ive seen plays this year that sask has done for 2 or 3.

its not like berry came in and revamped that team. He's using the same play sheet lapolice was and is using. PRETTY SIMILAR atleast. u got dressler who's a stud receiver along with bagg and fantuz who have been stars for a few years now running that same offence and u got getzlaf.. again he's been around for a couple years.

3 of the riders starting 5 receivers are canadian and another one (dressler) played at north dakota state.. dudes pretty much canadian. pisses me off that taman somehow missed him when he was scouting for the bombers. Dudes like 2.5 hours away.

berry has had 2 weeks with these guys. Hardly deserves that much credit considering sask has been good for the last several years.

Well, for what it's worth, from a guy who's watched the Riders a fair bit over the past few years, while there are similarities, it's not the same Austin/Miller offence. There are chunks of it still recognizable, but Berry certainly has inserted his own stuff too. We run way more crossing routes, little rubs,etc. than we ever did previously. Theo-line runblocking is a little different on some plays as well.

I have not seen them live yet, so I'll be able to tell a lot more after next week, but from 2 tv games, killer, I can't agree with you.

Oh, and the question about whether Durant is a one-year wonder, or whether he will suffer from LaPo's departure appear to have been answered.

Killer, I take your point about the personnel, but you initially said that Berry had made no difference and he basically just called the same plays as last year. That's what I was objecting to: that level of exaggeration. Obviously Berry is building on what LaPolice installed last season, and yes the receivers deserve a lot of credit, but Berry has added his own dimension to the offense too.

All I wanted was acknowledgment that Berry has changed some things, not least of which are the crossing routes and picks/rubs that Artie-Lange alluded to. The offense is stretching the field both horizontally, with well-timed rubs on stacked (shallow / deep) crosses allowing receivers to get open in space underneath and putting the safety in a bind about which player to shadow. There's a lot more backfield motion, which makes it more difficult for DBs to isolate their coverage assignments pre-snap and thus more likely that they'll be a step behind in coverage post-snap.

It actually reminds me a lot of Marc Trestman and George Cortez. Berry has obviously been watching a lot of CFL film in his time off and has incorporated stuff from around the league. For that you have to give him some credit.