Riders Receivers

The Roughriders have now 11 Receivers, my question is who makes the roster??? they have many receivers who have gone over the 1000 reception yards mark before in their career but with so many receivers that can do so much, who do you go with? Dominguez, Armstead, Flick and Grant on wide and Fantuz and Yo on slot??? what are your depth chart suggestions?

how many are imports though that'll make a huge differnce.

if grant wasn't canadian he'd be out.

p.s. sometimes grant is amazing, but look closer and you'll see why he's our weakest receiver.

I would say the last few spots will be up in the air, but if Austin lines up with five receivers most of the time I would think Dominguez, Armstead, and Flick would line up on the outside with Fantuz and Murphy (Yeast and Hill are other options here).

I can see French and Grant may be kept because of the non-import thing, but I can see them being let go with possibly Tinch and Jackson but it is hard to judge because I haven't seen either of those two play before. Both played in the NFL so we shall see what they bring to the table.

It's such a nice luxury to have so many great receivers. If one guy doesn't show up at training camp, he will probably be sent packing.

I would count Hill out and put someone like Yeast or Grant as our other slotback.

Well since Dominguez was the only real standout last year for the Riders he should take the #1 Wide Out spot, Armstead had a metiokre seaosn last year but not what he did in 2005 when he went for 5 touchdowns and 1000+ reception yards, Flick didn't have a very good season last year either, not compared to what he did in 2003, 2004, 2005. Flick actually seems like our best receiver because he is the only one that has actually had more than 1 good year, he's had 3. I'l make little chart here

Wide Slot Wide Fantuz
Armstead Murphy Flick
Yeast Dominguez

I think Khalil Hill definitely has more skill than Grant, but the import-non-import ratio may play a factor in which one of them makes the team.

These are the 6 receivers I think they keep.

  1. Matt D
  2. Jason A
  3. Yooooooooooooo!
  4. Fantuz
  5. Hill
  6. Grant

You will notice that DJ Flick isnt on there. Unless they cut Yo Murphy cuz of his age or something stupid like that, I think they will let DJ go without even playing a regular season game

Why wouldn't you go with Flick before Yo or Grant, Flick is a great receivers.

Cuz I like Yo. And as for grant, dude is cheaper.

my pick would be dominguez,armstead,flick,anderson,murphy and finally yeast let the veterns get a good last couple of years in i think fauntuz is good catching but he doesnt do nothing after the catch

Thyron Anderson is a great acusistion! Great size and speed. Riders found a keeper in him.

fauntz is the future reciever thats for damn sure

I heard he is a lazy SOB... I hope thats not true

maybe we are going without running backs or an offensive line.

like flag football.

it is possible...
my pics

  1. Fantuz -slot- hes got lots of life left in him keep him, he will be a ray elgard in a few seasons.
  2. Armstead -wide- he and KJ just think alike
  3. Dominguez -wide- he was top last couple seasons
  4. Flick -wide or slot- good potential, speed kills. He just needs more motivation that most ( not more than yeast )
  5. Yo -slot- He is still a safety net for KJ

That might be the best list yet, although if you are putting the receivers in order as you think they would appear on the depth chart, Matt D and Armstead would be 1st and 2nd, imo

In a perfect world:

Inside Starters: Clermont / Fantuz

Outside Starters: Flick / Armstead

Fifth Reciever: Dominguez

Back-up (Dressed): Murphy & Grant

This is of course we magically get Clermont from Wally...Imagine those big targets inside and sheer speed on the outside!! Wow...any thoughts?

I would much rather have Dominguez on he outside before armstead or Flick. I'll take posession and sure hands over speed any day

no, wasn't listing in depth...

#1 #88 #83 #87 Flick( 82? )

But your right SaskFan. i want to see Clermont play for his home town crowd.

Dominguez as the 5th? Are you serious? Lets have our best receiver as our fifth, Good idea... Flick as the fifth maybe, but not matt. Thats ridiculous that you would even suggest that. I suppose you want Darian Durrant to be our starting QB as well?