Riders receivers; what happened?

Given the injuries this week to Walker and Jorden, I decided to review the receiving stats. I was surprised; many believed the riders had the best receiving corp. It’s now clear they don’t. In fact, they don’t have 1 in the top 15. What happened?

qb issues

No one believed the riders had the best receivers stats wise.

With zak being out for the games he was … the riders may not have a single receiver hit 1000 yards this season.

Im curious who the “many people are?. It seeems your suggesting stamp fans felt that way as it certainly wouldn’t be rider fans. Thank you for thinking so highly of the riders but with Carter playing D and Bridge at QB for the first part of the season … as talented as their receivers are they won’t be leading any stats race this year

There were many fans who spoke of the great talent between Namaan, Duron, Caleb and the Canadians, that combined with the depth of Bridge and Collaros would make for a very good passing game. This didn't happen

I am neither a Saskatchewan nor a Calgary fan, particularly, so have no axe to grind.

But why is it that I get the impression that the O.P. is nothing more than a troll trying to start arguments with Rider fans?


So the OP starts a thread titling it Riders Receivers . What happened?

Then in the first sentence mentions two injuries to receivers from two totally different teams then the Riders .
He then decides to review the receiving stats , stating that he is surprised . Apparently according to him many believed the Riders to have the best receiving corp . Upon his research he finds that Saskatchewan doesn’t have 1 in the top 15 . He then asks what happened?

So having said all that I have to ask the OP what exactly does two receivers getting injured from two different teams that are not the Riders have to do with the title of this thread and the question therein asked in it ? What does one have to do with the other ?

What exactly does the injuries to Walker and Jorden have to do with who is catching passes in Saskatchewan ? And while I’m at it can he maybe explain just who were the many who according to him believed and stated that Saskatchewan had the best receiving corp in the first place ?

Well MadJack I am also neither a fan of either of these two clubs , so also have no axe to grind as well.

But I have to concur with you about your impression on why this thread was started in the first place . If not for the sole purpose of starting up an argument and trying to stir up the pot with Rider fans then this thread in reality makes no sense whatsoever .

Simple. As a Stampfan, I’m concerned over the news of Jorden, in my thoughts, I also remembered Walker went down with a fairy serious injury in the LDC. That got be thinking of CFL receiving in general so I started looking at stats. I noticed there was no riders receiver in the top 15 which surprised me.
Honestly sir, I don’t know why this chain of thinking is such a reach for you. I think most would say it’s pretty reasonable.

What?! You only decided to review the stats just now? I pore over them every week. Do you not play TSN CFL Fantasy?


Nope, I do not play fantasy. I enjoy the game of football and don’t require having something extra in it for myself.

Well, White Stallion, this may be the only time I’ll ever say this. . . but I am in 100% agreement with you there. I have no interest whatsoever in fantasy.

Fantasy though keeps a fellow invested to the bitter end even in blow-outs. And I’ve always enjoyed poring over the stats sheet.


That’s great. To each their own.

What happened?

Well Caleb Holly got put out for the season, Grant was cut coming out of training camp, Duron Carter was released for undisclosed reasons, Chad Owens gone, Bagg gone then re-signed, Collaros was out for four games. They went younger at reciever and the group appears to be developing, though lack of continuity at the qb position due to injury has certainly impacted the development of the offense.

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