Riders Receiver John Chiles to sign with Cats

HAMILTON — It appears that John Chiles has found a new home, as the veteran receiver hinted on social media Tuesday that he’s signed with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Chiles, 27, posted a photo of a Ticats helmet on his Instagram with the caption ‘crossed over to the other side…’

A former Texas Longhorn, Chiles joins the Ticats less than a week after being released by the Saskatchewan Roughriders. This season marks his first back in the CFL after playing in the NFL throughout the year 2015.

Chiles posted 10 receptions for 135 yards and a pair of touchdowns in three games for the struggling Riders this season. He joined the Riders on the first day of free agency back in February, before that spending two seasons with the Argos and recording 1,200 yards and nine touchdowns.

A 6-foot-1, 209-pound Dallas native, Chiles earned a reputation as one of the CFL’s fastest receivers before heading south to join the NFL’s Chicago Bears in 2015. He was placed on injured reserve by the Bears then released in November.

More to come…

There goes any chance of signing Sinkfield :expressionless:

Here is the web link to the story from the CFL http://www.cfl.ca/2016/08/30/report-tic ... hn-chiles/

As much as I would have liked a story of the return of Sinkfield, I think this is a great signing. While he was an Arghblow, Chiles was the only WR in the CFL who routinely made Delvin Breaux look average. Perhaps Austin saw it that way as well and grabbed Chiles when the opportunity arose.

Imagine Fantuz, Tasker, Chiles, Sinkfield and Tolliver all on the field at the same time.

Austin, make it happen.

IMO, there has to be a plan afoot to get an extra INT WR regularly into the offence along with Tasker, Owens, Toliver and Fantuz, as the lone NAT receiver. Or, they've already decided, recently signed, Streeter isn't the speedy guy they're looking for.

There would have to be a whole lot of roster and ratio shuffling going on to make it happen ,also in your scenario above what becomes of CO2 ? he is conspicuous by his absence in your imaginary starting 5 receiving set you listed. I can't imagine that there would be room for 2 DI's on Offence because Speedy "B" would be also included in the rotation plus you would still need a Canadian to backup Fantuz. Also you would have to start a Canadian and sit an existing American starter elsewhere on the roster to accommodate this move. So doing the math real quickly you would have to somehow squeeze 8 receivers onto the game day roster and have 2 of them designated as DI's , either that or release CO2 outright or place him on the IL . Plus don't forget that Maher is also considered a DI and Austin likes to utilize 2 of his 4 DI positions on Defence(usually at lb/db) rotating in and playing specials. So you see as much as your starting 5 looks good on paper it would take a fair bit of shuffling to get it all done.

Chiles was very good for Toronto in 2013, mediocre in 2014 when he dropped a lot of passes, and obviously not in the league last year. This year he couldn't make a bad Sask team, albeit one that found some decent receivers. I can't see him playing ahead of any of Ham's receivers but spoze he might be more useful than Streeter. IMO underwood is better.

I understand that KA wants guys like Speedy or CO2 that have great speed and blinding moves
I also understand his desire for tall, fast receivers.
Likewise, a guy like Tasker, well, what do you say?
I'd sooner abandon the speed, or the height, if I found a guy with "Velvet Hands", that pulled the rock in each and every time. Note the skillsets of Tasker and Fantuz, and why we will be pushing them down the field in their wheelchairs, just so they can make those grabs!

Guys like that are useless if they can't get open. If great hands were that much more important than speed, guys with great hands would be able to play into their 50s. Hands alone aren't enough, and speed alone isn't enough.

And another crucial point, a guy with lots of speed is far more likely to score after the catch. Guys with great speed have a better chance of turning a big play into a TD instead of just a big first down.

I wonder how much input Owens and Collaros had in this signing? I believe both were teammates with Chiles in TO.

Speedyblitz, if you can recall the1960's?

"Gluey Hughie" Campbell caught just about anything thrown his way, and held onto it.

Made a pretty fair carer of it, when (or if?) you think about it.

Not my job to worry about this. That's why there is a coaching staff and player personell department. If it is good for the team it should be done.

For every National starter at skill positions, you would need a quality National backup player. For Fantuz/Coates, there's Watt/Woodson; for Stephen, there's Daley. If you take out a starting National on Offence, you would have to replace him with one on Defence. Who would that be? Atkinson/Gaydosh for Nevis, or Stephen for, say, Sermons? Who would back them up?

Again, not my job to worry about this. Please see my earlier post.

If you guys want to ratio-geek out about it, please, be my guest. Decide on your own how it would work. It is an interesting dilemma, but not one I care to get involved in. I could care less as long as it gets done.

IMHO, that's a pretty cr@ppy attitude to have. If you don't care about the ratio, why don't you go join the 2 malcontents?

Wish all you like - I'd like to see it too - but don't complain when people point out the obstacles. Could be they can be overcome, but only by finding and signing a couple of national players at some other position. It's not something that can be done overnight either.

Easy as 1,2,3 Billy boy...just a simple wave of your magic wand and TA-DA !!! Presto !!! Just like that !!! Done deal :cowboy:

I'm not complaining about anything. Appearently there is no room for opinion or ideas that are proffered without a treatise on every possible ratio scenario backed up with draft contracts and derivatives of the statistical probabilities of signing the required group of companion National/Internationals required for every possible line-up that could ever be dreamed up.

Jeebus. Have a beer, hit the bong. Relax a bit.

Great! Git er done then.

Not sure why suggesting that a player find their way into the lineup without my being a ratio geek means having a cr@ppy attitude. And who said that I don't care about the ratio? That's not something I've ever said. I just don't find the minutiae of lineups and what ifs to be a quality use of my time. Again, that's what coaches and player personnel folks get paid to do.

If you like that then have at it. Enjoy.