:lol: with what mud and straw :roll:

tophat must be a hamilton or a winnepeg fan and is just upset that his team sucks.that is why he comes over here to try ta talk trash.as for jm02 i agree bellefeuills gotta go but i still love barrett i remember the team before barrett and roy got here.

ooh....sorry mike - let's not go there, okay? Think happy thoughts..... :mrgreen:

i was just reminding you of the past. i am looking forward for the future

Two things I don't agree with. 1 Crandell has handled the pressure of the big game being MVP when he won the Cup with Calgary. Two Kitwanii Jones has been playing spectacular at the MLB position. He is fast, and is a good hitter. I hold nothing against Smith, and would like to see him back next year, but Kitwanii Jones is the MLB of the Riders future. I think you guys are forgetting the losing records we had before the Barret/Shivers era. 4 years in a row we've mad it to the playoffs, two years in a row to the West Final. Last year we were robbed by all people a time keeper to go to the Grey Cup. I think you should all get on your knees and thank Shivers for bringing good football back to Riderville.

Actually Kitwana is not even startiong at MLB, its Mike McCullough that starts. They do share some time though. As Reggie Hunt put it, "if their is one guy on the team that knows my position better then I do, its Mike" or something to that effect. The guy is a good Canadian MLB. he isn't an Eiben, but he is good enough. But its not the Defence that is the problem here. Its the Offense starting with the Offensive Coordinattor. But before we start yelling for heads to roll, how about we let them play their next game, if they win, go on to the next game. if they lose, hunting season is on.

.....anyone heard how Breedon (sp?) is coming along?

how long ago did crandell win the mvp?? how has he done since then?
he is still better than greene. i also agree with everything you said about danny and roy.they have done nothing but good things in sask. even at
9-9 they are still better than the riders of old.i cant wait to see the game.

mikegoriders96969, when was the last time Crandell had any kind of talent around him? Oh yeah the last time he won the Grey Cup. And Billy Soup do you think that the Riders will leave in a starting Canadian MLB next year. Jones, from what I've seen, is one of the most athletic guys out there. I said he is the MLB of the future. The only reason he is not starting is because it is his rookie year, McCullough is a third year player and will not start next year. So Billy put this reply in a folder because if I am wrong I expect you to bring it out and show everyone, McCullough will not start next year.
Here is something I'm sure Billy will agree with me on. The long snapper, Glen I think, better not screw up. He has one job and he lost the Calgary game for us, and gave up 2 points last week.

Glenn has had enough time to get his head in the game, but it would sure be nice to see Frenette back.....

i guess i was being a little hard on crandell.you make a good point when you said when was the last time he had any kind of talent around him? he has a way better team than he had in calgary.
looking forward to the game on sunday.go riders.is kk out of sundays big game?

That's the word.....apparently he has some contusion on his leg suffered from some phantom injury in a recent game.....makes a person wonder.....my suspicion is that it happened off-field.....

holmes the starter for sunday?

Yep. thats what it looks like. With Dorsey back returning punts. I didn't see much of him in BC (was busy winning a poker game) did he do alright?

Agree jm...Bellefool has to go..as for Barrett he is being groomed for GM when Shivers steps down which may be this year or the next. I predict they will pitch for Paopao as either Bellefools replacement or possibly Barrett when he moves up to GM...hes got teh same mentality (players coach) as Barrett so I can see him being a Rider