Riders REALLY can't count !

Excerpt from the front page article on the Riders webpage:

"Despite the pain that was still etched on the faces of many of the players, there was also a great sense of optimism. Chairman of the Board of Directors Rob Pletch reminded everyone that the future of the football club is extremely bright and that no other team in the CFL had been in the Grey Cup twice in the last three years like what the Riders have accomplished."

The Alouettes were there in 2008 and 2009. That does equal two. :lol:

i'm sure he knew that.

...so you're sure he knew it, and yet he said it, to media no less....okey dokey...

My guess is that on reflection, he would realize he was mistaken. I don't think it's a counting issue or an attempt to mislead... just a mistake.

Kind of funny, but I imagine it was just a slip.

yes master!... I think so master... please don't hurt me master...

....geez......and i thought some of Kellys statements this season were 'bloopers' ... however that one fits the bill to the highest degree .... especially after the so-called ' counting incident' by the riders in the Cup...I think sesame streets, the Count ,should pay them a visit in Sask.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ...it starts....1, 2, 3, ...... :lol: :lol:

…what is your problem?..

For starters, "his" team lost; however, I was unaware he had only one problem.

well, my philosophy is treat weirdness with weirdness..

smart with smart,

stupid with stupid

intelligent with intelligence.

and so on..

...so how's that working out for you?...

Well if you consider that the Als appeared in the last 2 GCs.. that is 2/2.. and 3/4.. so in essence we are the only ones to appear 2 out of three years...