Riders Re-Sign T-Brack and Sign Dwight Anderson

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I like it. I was kind of annoyed when I read that the Riders hadn't even extended an offer to Odell Willis, so I am happy we retained Tyron Brackenridge.

Here is the Leader Post Article... I guess we lost Shomari Williams to Hamilton as well.

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Glad we got Brackenridge back. I have never been a fan of Dwight Anderson, and not sure if he has much left in the tank. I guess if nothing else, maybe he will take on the role of player coach.

Agreed. He is a chippy player. I remember him walking up to Dressler after a play and clearly deliberately poling him in the eye. this is one of many occasions that his antics rather disturbed me. I will have a hard time cheering for him.

Brackenridge extending was obviously huge though.

The Als made the right play in signing Tisdale.

I am not very happy with the signing of Anderson. I hope he can swing his behavior. He was in Trestman's doghouse, and I have a pile of respect for Trestman.

I guess on the plus side, he is on our side now. As long as he keeps the eye gouging out of practices, Dressler's eye should be safe. As much as I dont like Anderson, the more I think about it the more the move makes sense. This team definitly lacked experiance last season, especially in the secondary.

It will be fine. Chamblin wont take any crap from him.

The Riders brass has done well signing most of their free agents; keeping the team together is important to move forward and gel/build upon the positive success from last season. The addition of Anderson; a proven veteran who is very consistent with his stats year after year. The best part is; Dwight wanted to come and play for the Roughriders. :thup:

I got a vibe that McKenzie wouldn;t be re-signed. So.....Butler, Maze, Russ, all are 24-26 and 2-3 year guys. Yeah, you need a veteran and I guess the Riders aren't thinking McKenzie. So Dwight is the elder spokesman. He played for Chamblin in Calgary and this is what puts me at ease. Corey has shied away from older DB's (Farzier and Patrick) so that is why this one is al little surprising. Who is the 5th DB. Maybe Tristan can play CB or Macho gets an inside half spot (this is what I see happening.

I expect the new kid on the block...............Ramzee something to open some eyes and maybe crack the starting rotation.

Getting Brack back.............don't have to say a peep on that one. I'm happy.

Loosing Odell.............hurts reall bad. We have no serious threat at DE. Last year Taman traded for a DE so I hate to say i expect to see him make a trade before camp. Taman likes to deal to fill holes. Taman has not found a DE in 3 years............so one way or another you better find a DE that can cause havoc.

Hawkins will get cut this year. my prediction.

Tristan Black will fill in great for Shomari. Shomari didn;t like to step into holes and make tackles. I don;t think he likes the dirty work. I think the only mistake we made on Shomari was thinking he was all that and a bag of chips coming out of CIS and traded the farm to get him. Nindsight is 20/20.

Sisco back..........I think this is huge. The kid is 24. If he can keep his wrists from snapping I think he is ready to enter the fray. I am really happy he is back.

Weldon Brown.............again............try to crack the top 5 DB's.

FA went okay but the blemish is losing Odell...............it hurts. But Taman recoverd okay by getting some decent non imports to fill some voids.

He has not done a lot, but I to was happy to see him back. I believe he has some potential.


They never made him an offer. Clearly they had decided to get their conditional draft pick back and avoid the rather large salary. Willis was an emotional leader, but was not a top 10 end. 23 tackles is nothing to right home about. Solid Rush end, but seemed gassed by late in the game very often. I believe they have a couple guys they feel can come in and do a near similar job, perhaps better, for less. It also gets them younger, which is always a bonus at that spot. I have an appreciation for Willis and his time with the club, but at the same time I do not see it as a crushing blow that he is not back.

At first thought I was pretty sad about Willis being let go. But then I started to look at it from a different light. Winnipeg didn't try to keep him around they traded him. Then when it comes time for the Riders to resign him they don't even make him an offer. I believe there is the possibility that he was an issue in the locker room, or with the coaches.


Our GM Brendan didn’t seem too put out when asked about getting something for him by the media,it appeared he was just happy to have him out the door. T Brack I feel was a bigger concern and it was addressed in a manner befitting a team building for the future :smiley:

Good to get TB back, IMO thought he played great last season. With the players gone and new ones added lets hope we can build on last season, time will only tell!! :cowboy:

Like I said in previous topics- we should go after Dwight Anderson. That got shutdown by most because of his attitude and age, (he's on our team now and 31) I think he's the kind of shutdown guy we lacked and needed, Vanstone has a good article in there leader post on how not even 3 years ago him and Browner were the top CB tandem in the league. I feel now that with strong man to man coverage guys like Brown and Anderson we won't see so much "soft zone" coverage. Just a prediction from left to right I see this for our secondary. Left CB- Turenne. Left HB- Brown. Safety- Butler. Right HB- Russ. Right CB- Anderson

Here's the article by Vanstone


it will be an all out battle in camp at DB/CB.
I thought Collins looked good, so Brown will have a battle there, and man can he hit!
Turenne, Maze, Brown, Jackson, Collins will be battling it out pretty hard. Macho Harris looked ok, but I think he will be gone, as may Jackson...depending on his salary. Robinson and Skinner have to be long shots at this point as well, and Chip Vaugn likely won't make it to camp, unless they want to convert him to a LB.

Actually, with the way Collins hits and his ball pursuit, I have to wonder if they would consider making him a OLB.

man, they have a pile of guys at LB, DB/CB to go though at camp!

Agree and I'll go one further. Anderson's a complete jackass and we don't need him. He and Diamond Ferri can get a room. We'll paint white lines on the floor and they can hit each other out of bounds until they break each other's necks.

Even if Anderson was at the top of his game (which he isn't), screw him. Don;t need him.

No argument here.
I really don't care what Anderson does on the field, I will not cheer for him. And I will Jeer the heck out him if he screws up.