Riders RB battle

Keith Tosten and Clifton Smith are a little older at 27 and 28 but have good NFL expereince. Tosten a little less and Smith a little more but as a returner for the most part.

Anthony Allen I think is the guy they have been waiting for big part of the Ravens backfield for 2011 and 2012 and the Super Bowl Ravens and is just 25.2013 late camp realease but no time on an NFL roster.
The Bills grabbed him for a futures contract but after OTAs reaesed in a numbers game and still just 25.

Two big time NCAA RBs Jermaine Jones Florida State and Curtis McNeal USC slipping through the NFL cracks. One or both if not getting a spot on the 46 roster could find them selves in a development spot on the 9 game which is where the Riders are usuing to keep as a future prospect.
A kid from the Hilltops exhausting his Junior could be a great fit as a PR player as every club is now looking to develop a Canadian Tailback.
The players the Riders bring in now are already sold on playing in the CFL so they are not wasting anyones time as much as someimports have in the past.

Chamblain has suggested that they may start with a RB by comittee

He was simply not giving the media anything until people were talked to...the right thing to do.

Interesting; Tosten will do well, that said the offense will move into different strides a little more passing perhaps?
Hugh Charles; No


DD and Taj have spoken a bit about reviewing last year's footage and looking at missed opportunities. Smith could be in for a huge year if court goes well.

Charles would certainly have to be a possibility and Messam still as well.
Last season they road Sheets until he got injured. Upon his return using both he and Sanders in the back field took their running game to an even higher level and did not hurt Sheets production.
Modern CFL era and room on the roster having two RBs is certainly a way the good teams will be going into the future.
having Ryan Smith able to return punts as well as being a receiver who will dress. Finding someone on the roster to return Kick offs should be there as well which leaves a DI spot for a two headed running attack.
If Charles does get one of the two RB spots you have your Kick Off returner as well.

Not sure about charles maybe as a fill in but certainly not worth big bucks. He didn't exactly light it up anytime Ive seen him play. Deep down I wouldn't be surprised if the Riders are waiting to see what happens with Sheets and if he makes it. If he doesn't they will be looking at putting out the big bucks to get him back. This guy is a game changer and unless they come across someone else that looks like they have that potential then I could see them going all in to get him. Some say running back are a dime a dozen with all that there is to pick form down south but if that is the case why are they not playing? Guys like Sheets and Cornish are in a league of their own and replacing that quality isn't as easy as going to the corner store and picking one up otherwise every team would have a great running game and not just an average one.

I would guess that is in the back of their minds although they wont say that about Sheets. Until then it is hard tojudge until the games begin to count. Charles may not be worth big bucks but incentive based contract could work. He also could return Kick offs and is a great receiver out of the backfield. A hybrid to replace Sanders. Better Kick off returner while Ryan Smith a pure punt returner and slot back. Tosten Power back, Charles scat back, a 1- 2 punch

It might work the way you mentioned with a heavy incentive based contract and not much guaranteed. My understanding though when he was with the Riders one of the reasons he was let go was his poor blocking abilities. The last thing we need is someone in there that is going to leave Durant open to a blind side hit and put him on the shelf. bring him in and give him a shot with a very short leash. If he performs quickly fine, if not dump him.

I agree that will be the key has he become a beter blocker? On the other hand if he is going to play the change up bakc role, Hybrid, returner could work. He also will play all special teams if needed as well I would think.
Wait and see now

Why can't Hugh Charles be a Jock Sanders kind of guy? He's done the job before. And with all the big salaries leaving town this season and no real big tickets coming in why not throw 80-100k his way? At the very least he'd be kick return insurance in case this Green guy fumbles half his touches in the opening games.

I am with you on that one. I think it would be a nice fit as I mentioned above. That is provided that another team does not see him in a bigger role

80 to 100 K ? I wouldn't touch him with a 10 ft pole for that kind of money. I was think 60 tops and bonuses.

Will be intersting to see who will be interested and to what level. I would split the difference and say 70K base with incentives.

IMO he won't get calls unless someone is hard up...he is an average RB to slightly above with average blocking skills...I said it when he was a Rider and I still feel that. The only perk to him is that he knows the CFL. There is a reason that the Esks went with 3 rooks and a guy with 69 carries.

And I don't disagree with you there. As a full time ball carrier, I prefer someone with a more well rounded skill set, but as someone used in changeup packages who gets 2 to 3 offensive touches per game and returns kicks I think he's a great fit.

sure...but he signed for 120k / year in the offseason. if you can get him for <70, fine...and IMO, use Hughes. He offers what you speak of and is as good or better at it, Canadian and a better blocker....meaning that Ds will still be cautious as to whether he is in to block or get a serious look