Riders Ranked First

Sportsnet Rankings have the Riders in first followed by

This early in the season they don’t mean much. But you know all is well in Riderville when fans are bitchin and complaining about a win on the road! LOL

Sounds like the Sportsnet staff hit the bottle pretty hard this Canada Day weekend.

EskJebus LIES!!

both their rankings and the ones at TSN…are B.S.

The playmaker has the Riders ranked first too.

I personally would not have them ranked first at this point. Especially after the gong show that was the Hamilton game.

that is for sure, i am still pissed at their performance.

but if the playmaker + sportsnet says they are 1 and tsn says they are 3 and the bombers are dead last well it feels good to be a fan of the green and white.

I really think that SASK. have a really good team…and they are at 2 and 0…I think that any lack of respect is because of who they beat …That respect will go WAY UP…[with me included] if SASK…beat the ARGOS, at home…

The CFL sched…is not SASK. fault.

I love it when SASK. plays in TORONTO because there are always plenty of SASK. fans there…and you did beat us last year , at home…with 2 TDS…in the finally 2 minutes of the game…AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I will never forget that game. :lol:

OH…and if you come to see the game don’t read the Toronto press, they are a bunch of wankers…who give T.O. a bad name.

Saskatchewan beats two bottom teams and get ranked first? Hmmm Winnipeg 0-2 Hamilton 0-2 Whats next, Planning of the Parade route down Main Street Regina? Toronto should bring them back to earth.

I can’t beleive I’m going to say this…My lips are starting to twitch,


Did I really say that?

…I’m sure many rider fans would agree with you Sporty on the rank based on beating two supposedly weak teams…this type of ranking really shouldn’t be happening until, say, midway through the season…by then a team has seen good teams and bad teams and a better basis has been set…but hey, let the priders bask in the glory for now, we’d be doing the same if our clubs were on top…

All the rankings are for is to bring CFL fans to the website and get fans talking about the CFL and the rankings; which we are doing. All they are are opinions.

And Saskatchewan may have only played weak teams (just like Edmonton) but at least we beat them (Montreal).

Amen to that!

This may sound like an oxy-moron, but I am going to try and be an objective Rider fan.

There are only two certain things I see in the rankings. I think BC should still be ranked first, they beat the defending champs and Winnipeg should be 9th. The Riders, Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto could all be placed anywhere from second to fifth in any order. Calgary and Hamilton are likely sixth and sevent in no particular order and Ottawa is most likely 8th. You could make an argument for Ottawa to be 6th after their unlikely win.

After two weeks, it is impossible to say who should be ranked where given that there hasn’t been enough games. The Riders and Edmonton have both played bad teams, so how can you determine who is better yet based on their performances? Hamilton has lost to two teams that are expected to be contenders, so does that make them terrible? After 5 or 6 weeks, the rankings should start to make more sense.

Hey Roughy…No argument there. Edmonton finally gets a “quality” team this week too! You forgot to mention, that with the rankings it also brings out the “entertaining” debates as well. (See Turkeybend Undefeated season)…LOL

…good objectivity timo, I agree with your comments wholeheartedly…

I say we should wait about, oh lets say 23 weeks before we can rank the teams

Well the Eskimoes have played to bottom teams so far, Ottawa and Winnipeg. I know Ottawa beat Montreal but Montreal just gave up in the 4th and everyone knows Ottawa is a bottom team.

who cares about the rankings? It’s so early in the season. Even if it wasn’t, everyone knows that any team in the CFL can win at any time. The only ranking that matters is the one after the Nov 27th game which is the Grey Cup.

I’m going to make a ridiculous statement to go along with the rankings…But Edmonton technically beat a first place team. (Ottawa is tied for first)

The rankings are crazy, so early on in the year…Just like my above statement.

Geez, if I keep making statements like that, I’ll be lumped with Turkeybend soon!