Riders put a hex on football

We all know the Riders had the Grey Cup in hand last November, but blew it by having too many men on the field.

Now this season I swear we've had at least one too many men call each week, and I was just watching the NCAA game between LSU and Tennessee and Tenn should've had the game won... LSU was confused, the QB wasn't ready for the snap, he missed the ball, Tenn got it with no time on the clock. BUT... Tenn had 13 men on the field. :lol:

So LSU got another chance and punched it through to win the game.

The Riders have officially put a hex on football! :lol:

The only way it'll end is for the Riders to win the Grey Cup this year in Edmonton! :smiley:

This will be a long hex then!

That would be pretty funny, cfl. :lol:

How does Tenn not notice an extra two guys on the field

As long as they are the only ones doing it on a consistent basis, then I'm cool with that.I always love a good laugh

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGwHq4yoyw4 - start at 1:40 of the video...

People running in & out with few seconds left on the clock, 1 D guy that was leaving the field turned back and ran to the line of scrimmage & another got in at same time....color commentator was screaming to spike the ball...confusion

As I tweeted yesterday:

WOW #TENNESSEE Just pulled a @Sskroughriders....

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I was watching that game and i turned it off after Jefferson missed the snap, lol i guess i should have waited!

Well then you're having a dream season, watching your Lions. :lol:

The only way to lift the curse is for the 'riders to win with NOT ENOUGH men on the field :lol:

They did it TWICE in Hamilton. The people in Box C where I sit were laughing their asses off at them.

Again, Wow!!!

That's a good sign for those people. It is healthy to be able to laugh in the face of defeat. 8)

Almost as positive as losing a championship due to the inability to count to 13.

And then continuing to do it the following season. :rockin: Kudos!