Riders proved me wrong!!!

Congrats riders, you proved me wrong.
I said you would only win 4 games.Well you won 5.
You are truly the 7th best team in the CFL.
Once again congrats on being the 7TH BEST TEAM in the league.!!!
13 more days until you guys will be destroyed.!!!

No, actually Saskargo, we are tied for 6th best with calgary and when we beat them and beat edmonton twice we will have our home playoff game

Your not tied with Clagary.They have a win against you.
Enjoy 7th!!!!!

Someones getting mighty cocky. Argos arn't in the playoffs yet, so I would keep it down if i were you.

We will be.
Might not win the cup.Hey we can't win it every year.
All I know is that riders won't get past Calgary in the standings!!!!

they do have a win against us, but we still play once more this year.

Oh yeah, and the riders never lost to hamilton this year, I wonder if the argos did

Yeah ti-cats beat us.How did you guys do against us this year?
How did you guys do against us last year.
I can handle the loss to the ticats.
There you go yapping again.
Argos will beat you riders in 13 days AGAIN!!!!

hey, sa. do you want to bet?

If Argos win.Riders will have to say they suck,and say Saskargo is right!!!
If riders win,I will say riders rule for a hole week!!!!

Take the challenge rider fans.Or do I have more ball$ than all of you put together.LOL

I agree saskargo. if the argos win, i will start all of my posts off saying riders suck for the whole week. deal.

How about if the Riders win, you won't make a post on this forum for one week. If the Riders lose, I and two other Rider faithful will publicly admit on this forum that you were right about our Riders. Any other Riders willing to join in with me on this bet?

You also have to say Saskargo is right!!!
I'm going against all riders who accept the challenge.

I am in too Riderfanatic

See,now this is fun.
Come on rider fans support your team.
I won't go for a week.I will a rider fan for a week.That is a big bet!!!
Come on you rider pukes!!!
I love the CFL!!!!

I meant to say I would be a rider fan for a week if riders lose.
Hey thirdandten, is it worth it.LOL!!!

Typical Saskatchewan males,All talk no action!!!LOL
You yap all year.Then I make a bet,and only TWO rider fans accept the bet.

Winnipeg played well, see apolozy to Saskargo for details.

With Winnipeg looking like a bloody NFL fram team in their new jerseys, I'm not surprised that they chocked and fuck Glenn, mate!

Yes Saskargo you finally got them, the whole Rider Prider nation eating out of your hand..like a bunch of hungry rats, If they don't bet....they are balless..and if they do, you the Queen....

If you read this threak, hank, you will see that I was the one that brought up the bet