Riders Practise Roster

Rider Practice Roster

NIP DL Zack Evans (Jr.)
NIP DL Mathieu Boulay
NIP DL Ryan Lucas
IMP LB Chris Graham
IMP DB Eddie Russ
NIP DB Daryl Townsend
NIP OL Dan Clark
IMP WR Patrick Brown

Where's Bullock? Probably on his way to Edmonton.

I'm surprised Bullock isn't around still! I thought he was pretty good.

I was surprised at that as well. I am wondering, and this is pure speculation, if there was a personality conflict, as listening to Radio of Taman, he said that Bullock won’t be involved with the riders any longer. A lot of testosterone in that room, I’m sure it happens more than we know. But again, purely speculation.

No, I doubt if there were personality conflicts regarding Byron. You could see there would be really tough decisions at LB, RB and WR. He had to beat Lucas out, and obviously he didn't. He's undersized and he likely was a step too slow to be considered a DB backup. Backup guys need to play a few positions in order to feel safe. ie, Kornegay.

Byron being cut likely has alot to do with Kye Stewart playing well and keeping his roster spot. Then Chris Graham came out of nowhere and this guy was unreal. I noticed Byron and thought he played pretty well but you can only keep so many guys.

His story last year was a cool one. Borrowed money to attend FA camp. Gets invited, makes the team, i'm sure many were pulling for the guy but coaches make decisions on the best guy. Too bad Byron couldn't crack the team.

The other suprise for me was Effram Hill. 6-7 import receivers looked good so that one must have been like pulling straws?

Ya you are probably right, like I said pure speculation.

I heard the Riders on the practice roster are having a lot of trouble finding affordable housing (even some guys on the roster, I believe). Some of them are making $2000 a month.

That's not enough to live in Regina. If a single 20-year-old football player can't do it, imagine how much trouble a single mom with two toddlers, working two jobs has trying to do it.

yeah, they only get 500 bucks a week. I am sure if they want to they would have no issues finding decent jobs once it is known who they are though. How do you think people who are working in a trade making decent money feel when they go to school and only get 450 bucks a week on EI...it is why many do not finish finish a given trade. Yeah yeah...I know....one is supposed to save 15% - 30% of their check for school. Be realistic...if they did save any money that is likely paying for their primary dwelling while they are a secondary dwelling for school.
I wonder if one on a practice roster could write it off as furthering education?

Also, remember that while the price of living in Saskatchewan has well over doubled in the passed 5 years that it is still cheaper than many others cities...Toronto, Calgary, BC...etc. Most players live with one or 2 other players if they do not have a family in town.

All that being said, the minimum wage in SK is 9.25 and hour...perhaps it is time the CFL allows teams to bump up practice roster salaries. If they are serious about growing the league, then practice rosters are essential. I see no issue jumping it to say 800 a week. 3200 a month is something someone can like off of, and not encourage them to move back home.

I used to be in your camp depop, until someone else convinced me that the idea of keeping the practice roster salary lower is to be an incentive to get to the "big leagues". You don't want $500 a week? Compete to take the job of someone who is making double or triple or quadruple that. It is true that there is no incentive like greed and fear.

That’s definitely true, but the PR wages were the same when minimum wages were under 7 bucks an hour. At 800 a weak you are still motivating people to compete. remember that the PR is active for 20 weeks, and that means 10g income in a year from football. At 800 a week it is 16K. Even at 60K a year for playing, the motivation is clear.

Yes, a bump up that isn't exaggerated wouldn't take away the incentive - besides, you gotta think that, at that level, everyone wants to be a starter ... which should be incentive enough quite apart from pay scale. It's a matter of finding a reasonable medium, I guess.

Yeah. One of the reasons that I love the CFL is there really are not bloated salaries. I hate seeing a player make 7mil+ a year, but at the same time don't want to see them living below the poverty line.