Riders positioning for home playoff game today

with a Rider win today, they will move into a 2nd place tie with the Stamps at 7-5. both teams have 6 games remaining.

as we all know, 2nd place earns a home playoff game.

Riders remaining games:
BC, Edmonton, Montreal, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton.

Stampeders remaining games:
Winnipeg, Toronto, Toronto, BC, BC, Winnipeg

Saskatchewan would need to win more games than Calgary in order to finish second because Calgary won the season series 2-1. Saskatchewan does seem to have a easier schedule remaining because of the 2 Edmonton games unless Edmonton overachieve.

Edmonton faces Hamilton twice, though…that could be enough for them to get the confidence they need to make a push for the playoffs.

the bombers better get thier act together real soon, or edmonton will crossover to the east playoffs.

The best way the Riders can ensure a home playoff game is to win all seven of their remaining games which includes a game against BC.

Everyones getting a little ahead of themselves here dont ya think. Lets wait for the games to be played and then see what happens.

for the Rider fans, I'd like to see it happen, especailly if the team that places in thrid is BC, but I don't see it happening this season.