Riders playoff QB

well its obvious the Riders are going with Bishop for their playoff run, with Jyles and Durant as back up, i think this could work in favour for the Riders or could flop, if Bishop does not perform atleast we have two other guys that at times are able to turn things around, not many teams out there have depth like that at QB, i'm hoping Bishop does his job and that Durant gets his deserving of being the second guy, Hoping that Marshall stays consistent and if one guy is not doing the job then pull him, don't wait until game is almost over, i believe if you cant move your offence come halftime you get yanked maybe even sooner. This is going to be an interesting playoff run

I find these ongoing starting QB' debates hilarious... We are 11-6, and our injury wracked team achieved this feat by playing in the toughest and tightest western division parody in memory.

Frankly i don't care who starts. Miller has proven himself too the players, the players respect Miller and play hard for the coach.

WE are going into the playoffs with 3 QB's who all have the talent too win big games....Better yet, we have a Head Coach with the fortitude too make a QB change when needed.

Football is not a constant, and thankfully heading into the playoffs Miller bases his QB coaching decisions on WHO GIVES US THE BEST CHANCE OF WINNING and not these half backed year long rants about QB intelligence,QB upside, or stats, (stats in pro football, talk abut a fallacy )

Finally,Miller's approach to football has taught me a great life lesson about how to achieve and manage success without the ego that usually follows................GO RIDERS

You tell 'em deflated! You tell 'em.

That was a great post. Except the extra "o" at the end of the "to" during the rant.

On a side note:
I think that Jyles is bar none the FASTEST QB in the CFL. When he takes off, nobody keeps up with him.
If we can get his throws under control he could be a franchise player.
These words are far from what I was saying about him nearer the beginning of the season. Good form Jyles, good form.

Yes very good post! :slight_smile:

When there isn't a clearcut #1 QB, there will always be debates.

Agree with deflated and Riderfan23 about the playoff QB. If one is cold, we have two others who hopefully can get it done. If the starter is hot (whoever it is) great, if not (after enough plays to prove it) then IMO we have two others who have shown they can perform, though I admit not in every circumstance in some past games. There have been a few games in which no one was sharp, but I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to potentially rely on up to 3 pivots - might even work to our advantage in some situations if it gives a different enough look to the opposition defense. If the team had been healthy all year, instead of having to juggle receivers, running backs, O-linemen, (and therefore the entire playbook) so that a given QB could have settled in with a consistent roster, who knows how much more they could have achieved? Being 11-6 with the worst injury list in the league is pretty decent. We might be 14-3 if the year had only "average" injury tallies, and one of the QBs might be "the man" as a result, but with all the adjustments, maybe the team had no opportunity to go with a one and only QB. It seemed more like day to day crisis management because of injuries, and you use who you can, when you can, including all the QBs when you're always searching to fill holes and find combinations that work with constant player changes.