Riders playing potassium in the off season.

this year's playoff race just got alot more intreresting....

the rivally continues...


(not, no insults intended, just a cool line)

Hey Kanga, the Riders improved the most from the dispersal draft. The Bombers and the Riders aren't in the same division anymore so it doesn't really matter.

is the CO still on?

if it is, then we are still rivals and compelting for that last playoff spot, if not, well...... that sux! and why the CO must live on, hopfully people will miss it enough to bring it back full time.

yeah, the Riders did the best by far, you guys should give yourselfs a pat on the back while the BB fans whip Taman's :wink: :lol: :twisted:

No the crossover isn't on this year (as far as I know). Ya it does suck because it lessens a great rivalry.

well, see either you or Calgary at the Grey Cup this year then, and of couse the Banjo Bowls series (my nickname for the SSK-WPG, WPG-SSK Labor Day games)

nothing better than watching the Blue and Gold face off agaist the Green and Black.

Potassium?? or is it possum?

Holy crap, sambo.....I didn't even catch that.....too funny.....

there is a schlitz load of potassium in sask..........or is that phospherous........they always play possum though............and forget to wake up..........

nah, we will just start a uranium enrichment program again.......

possum, hey mods, not doing a good job their catching and correcting my errors! please help me and quite making fun of me, or else I'll report to CFLPM.

........ungrateful wretch!......last time I try to help you with your spelling.....you originally spelled 'possium' which logically has to be potassium otherwise why would you have taken the trouble to insert an i in the word possum??.....you whine and complain and threaten to tattle-tale because we try to help you?........fine, physician heal thyself.......

Well Kanga, go back to the Bomber forum where YOU belong.

when have you helped me with spelling?

I asked time and time again (and it's not just you, the other mods could do it too), and all you all do is make fun of me, now it's stirke a never or two in my head, and it makes peoples topics go off topic.

enough is enough.

let me hear a reply from either RW or Nuese Racheat frist, or wouold you rather I start another thread about it on CFL talk??? it's up too up Sambo.

A thread about spelling??? Maybe you need to go to ESL.com for that....

Uh, Kanga.....you're 21 years old.....perhaps it's time for you to quit relying on others to correct your errors for you, hey? You know.....just a thought.....since you're an adult and all, I figured it was only reasonable.....take some time to make sure your posts aren't grammatical garbage, and perhaps you'll gain a little more respect.....plus, that way, no one will be able to "stirke a never".....

.....and I assume you meant "Nurse Ratchet" by Nuese Racheat.....

do I have to post those links again?

and yes, I mean that :lol: got your attension didn't it?

thing is, like you said, I wil not noitce some of my mistakes.

Post no links, post no garbage, keep your personal life to yourself, fix your posts up, make an effort to make your posts easier to read without having to learn a second language, and people will lay off you.....it's a pretty simple equation, Kanga.....you being a "college boy" should be able to figure it out.

wait a minute, did I just see Kanga-Kucha take credit for naming the Banjo Bowl on page one?

You certainly did. Why - does that surprise you?

well I'm still new here so I dont know if he/she usually takes credit for things he/she didnt do.