Riders play Eskimos 4 times in 2010

so the Riders will play the Esks 4 times.. two games each within a few weeks of each other..

I just want the Riders to win a few more vs the Esks! no choking this year!

We promise to let you guys win one at home this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Should be an exciting series. The first two games are spread out, but the last two are played within the last three weeks of the season. Kind of weak, but hey, maybe they'll have huge playoff implications?

On paper they are weaker than the Stamps but for whatever reason they had our number last year. I hope we can solve them this year.

It is very early to be making predictions, but what the heck!!, The Riders play Calgary, BC and Edmonton in their final 4 games and that will determine the Rider finish---1st through 4th, because the West is likely a crap shoot again this year. And pencil it in now. That last game will decide 1st place.

I'll look back on that prediction again when the rosters are a tad more certain........

Fantastic job on whoever did the scheduling this year. There is only one home and home for the Riders and that is the Labour day classic and Banjo Bowl.
Also, not until the second half of the season do the Riders have back to back home or away games.

I think 4 games vs. Edmonton is great for 2010. We'll sell out and edmonton always gets tons of bodies in the stands, even more when either calgary or sask plays them. So cudos to the scheduling thus far. hopefully i can get to the july 10th or oct 31st game and rep our colours here at the OUTDOOR stadium by the PNE in Van ( its name escapes me right now )