Riders Plan Similar Attack?

According to Regina Media the Roughriders plan on using the same game plan that they won 37-0 over the Cats last week and plan on going after the inexperience in the Cats secondary.

From the Regina Leader Post.

COVERING SPACE: The Tiger-Cats are expected to start Raymond Brown and Arthur Hobbs at defensive halfback and Courtney Stephen at safety, all with limited CFL experience. That could clear space in the middle of the secondary for the Riders to attack with slotbacks Simon, Weston Dressler and Chris Getzlaf. Stephen makes his first start at safety and is expected to help with coverage on receiver Rob Bagg, who burned the Tiger-Cats for 125 yards and two touchdowns on five receptions on Sunday.

Ray Brown has good size and an added advantage in covering, Hobbs has good speed and both players seem to play well together in the secondary. I think Stephen will be the question mark but I like his abilities and what he has said on camera in recent interviews. I hope our secondary can take care of the Regina receivers and pick off Durant or Willy and hopefully our front defensive line and line backers can get the added pressure on the QB and stop Sheets.


I suspect George Cortez is a little more wiley than that. He probably has a new game plan ready to go.
I’m sure he saw enough other ways to exploit our D last week. Same with Corey Chamblin and Khari Jones.
Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch the game until after it’s over. PVR to the rescue…I’ll try not to listen to the radio on the way home. :slight_smile:

If its raining do you think they'll hand the ball off to sheets a little more often?

Regardless of weather,look for Sheets to touch the rock at least 20 times today minimum.

Right now McCoullough appears on the one game IR which will hurt their secondary.
Right now Brandon Issac will be starting at SAM according to the depth Chart. Backing him up is Rico Murray. I suspect that Murray will appear somewhere in the DBackfield either starting or subbing in quickly. Murray an NFL free agent played great last week at SAM LB a position he never played. He will probably be even better as HB or DB.
Markieth Knowlton caught a lot of people by surprise but former Big Ten LB Nate Bussey from Illinois will be starting at Will. Was a 7th round pick in 2011 spent the year on NFL practice roster. 2012 was a final training camp cut again and chose to get some game play in the UFL. Hamilton signed him the last week of 2012 to the PR so I suspect he will be ready to go. He pulled double duties at Illinios as a starting LB and played ST so should be comfortable with that in the CFL.
Rookie Courtney Stephan will finally be lining up at Safety to start. Remember He was all canadian at WLU before transering to NCAA DI N. Illinios to play Safety and STs. He has been preparing for the CFL making the move to NCAA DI and to the Safety spot.
The Cats have been playing Erik Harris a alot and most likely deserved his shot to start with his hard nose toughness but comiong out of DII often is not ready for the speed of the CFL.
Starting to narrow down the players on defense and I see some upgrades this week for sure.
Watch out for Emmanual Davis. He was cut during last cuts by the Cats. played DI for Mid major East Carolina and made it to final NFL cuts in 2012 as a rookie free agent spent time in the UFL after being cut. Remember at the time he was cut they were looking at the Canadian duo as the starting CB but has since moved past that so look for him to possibily be that shut down corner

The Cats offense will play much much better this week. CJ Gable has served his time after dropping that screen pass. Also Dile is back to bookend the other OT spot where he and Simmons both started all 18 games in 2012.
Onrea Jones is quietly back in the line up and Dave Stalla is back on the roster so I would look for the Hamilton offense to look much like it did in week one.

Riders are a second half club. They keep things close in the first half then open it up with half time adjustments and better execution in the 2nd half.

hopefully the cats dont use same plan as last week and somehow i see this game close mayb even with the cats comin out ontop

I'm pretty sure that would be the dumbest thing ever. 8)

Whether or not the NEW plan yields a different result will be what's most interesting to me. If we get the same result then we are seriously getting out-coached.

The Riders could do whatever they want with the Cats.

New plan or old plan.
Durant or Willy.
Adjustments or no adjustments.

No matter what they were going to win and take the 2 points.

Well if indeed the game plan was to exploit the inexperience of the Ham D - it worked. If the plan included giving Kory some more yards that worked too. Whatever the game plan was - it worked.

Yep.......that's the way they play. The D take their time feeling out the O-line then as the game progresses they are able to zero in on the QB more and more.

it will take some time for Austin and stien to bring in there won players and we are beginning to see that with some of the newer players now being refently singed or getting their chance. Bringing in Bulke and drafting and strting orrotating Gaydosh into the DT rotation but no one saw his NFL signing coming as all of the players who get interest were already comitied.
Above I mentioned knowleton being reealsed but that made room for a natural import Will LB in third year pro nate Bussey a late round nFL draft pick as a imentioned above and played fantasic.
He seems to be a keeper. With Issac signing that left a recent NFL free agentRico Murray, signing who played excellent at Sam in last weeks game. They would of needed to find the best position for him in the DBackfield but if Issac will be out for a while he will be playing Sam.
emmanual Davis has one thing that you cannot teach and that is speed most likely got released in a numbers crunch especially since Austiin gave a chance foe Canadian CBs Hinds and bucknor. With both now unable to do the job again this season the strategy has changed .mcCoulough was injured for this game but he was also a free agent singing that were in the Cats plans from the Get go along with Canadian Bulcke who have both been playing well and have secured their spots.
Cortney Stephen a true rookie finally got his start at Safety and played the position great. As I mentioned above the move to a DI school got him in at safety and against better talent and also played a lot of ST their as well.
So although it does not look like it they are making some great progress signing some Talented young but not 1st CFL Bussey, Davis, and Murray are not pro football rookies.
I thought we may see Murray play some CB and he did but then Breux got hurt the next play and murray went back to SAM and enter Canadian Hinds who Willy went right at for a TD.
DE Eric norwood is also a player who has done very well at DE after signing on July 2nd. Another import free agent and new to the NFL but he is no rookie A 4th round draft pick played two seasons playing in the NFL and upon his 3rd training camp was released last cuts and went to the UFL and then kept in shape with some updated film playing part of the 2013 spring season in the Arena league where Hamilton signed him after Hamilton TC on July 2nd and has played awesome at DE. I think either Hinds or Bucknor would be wise to try for them to move to safety where another true rookie King in the the Cats 4th round pick out of SMU and has been great on specials but may not be up to speed at the pro level so far.
I think that they are building the defense up nicely