Riders Picking Scraps

After the dispersal draft he was working on his businesses...

Hmm, play in the biggest spectacle in all of North American sport... Think about that for a second.

See here my 108 post friend. Dude never quits. Hes like those energizer batteries...

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You know, Yogi Berra once said "you can observe a lot from watching." I wasnt watching...

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What someone brought Boe into the debate not me? The Super Bowl may be a big game for some but not for me. Sorry! But the big game for me is the GC. Boe has the ring and well Murphy got a rash on his back side.

Wow hooo he should have danced!

YA good!

Again it might be your bright spot! Big deal! Again what has Yo done in the CFL?

By any chance jamn do you star in Corner Gas! :lol: :lol:

I hate that show.

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I find that a discussion about Saskatchewan can so quickly spiral down into a conversation about the Calgary. I guess RedWhite and RedandWhite have nothing better to do but wanting to point out how limited their knowledge of football really is.

In terms of the Saskatchewan Recievers, yes they have a very good core of players, however, as publicly stated there a number of injuries Yo, Hoffart, Hill just to name a few. Saskatchewan is looking for some help.

Hey Red/White dudes, if you want to point out flaws and the "what have you done for me lately" comments. Lets look at Calgary's recent history in the play off.

Since their GC win in 2001, three years out of the playoffs, in 2005, favoured to win Edmonton, choked. In 2006 favoured by more then 10 points to beat Saskatchewan, choked again.

Maybe before you thrash others it would be helpful to get your facts staight about players on other teams. I didn't realize that players determined what happens with a francise....come on Yo was no more responsible for what happpened to Ottawa then Burris singlehandedly lost last years semi final to imply that so your intellegence or lack of. In terms of why he was picked up, age and salary are the two biggest issues.

If you remember K. Hebert didn't get picked up to afterwards by the Bombers, resulting in a long drawn out affair over his contract and him reporting to the Bombers. So just because he didn't get picked doesn't mean nothing.

And as you are fond in saying to the rest of us....what has Bo done for you lately? and not 6 years ago....

a) 11 of your last 15 posts Mikey are concerning Calgary, who is doing the spiralling?
b) I haven't pointed out flaws in your receiver corps so if you find it necessary to wield that big wide paintbrush you just go right ahead, you look foolish doing so.
c) Again, I did not enter into an argument with you about single players and their sole effect on a franchise so before you go asking me to check my facts and intelligence I would recommend you do the very same my friend.
d) I'd also suggest you enter an alberta-directed anger management class, it'll help you win friends and influence people and certainly help get you over these angry feelings you harbour to your neighbouring fans

....in the meantime, I'd love to have a football related discussion with you, even with my apparently pea-sized knowledge of the sport that I have followed now for some 35 years or so, you seem like an intelligent fellow but the internet can be so, er, sheilding of someone's true nature....

:lol: :lol: You got to be the funniest Rider poster yet. You fail to think how long it has been since 1989. You wish to look at a few years when we had the circus no problem I have no regret. But since then it has been up hill and frankly they have a shot to make it six this year. I find you knocking the only QB that almost had your team in a GC. Remember that or is that to painful for you to remember just one dam play and we would not be having to remind you of 1989. And by QB Hank Burris now is that not a shame. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Wow very good post and very true! Mike try counting to 10. That helps out with the anger sometimes.

Whenever you come to a dead end in an argument RedWhite against a Rider fan ( which is often ) you bring up the whole 1989 thing, or the fact that Calgary has won 4 Cups since then.

What does that have to do with anything we are discussing? Really? Are you that immature that you can't admit defeat in a debate? I mean honestly if im chatting with a Flames fan, being an Oilers fan, and he brings up a very good point that I have no rebuttle for, should I just stoop your level and say "Oh well, we've won 5 Cups and you've won 1"?

Grow up a little buddy.

Well yes I can't count thanks for pointing out I responded to your comments that many times. But like with any child, you must respond 15 to 20 times before they get the message.

Oh by the way, I forgot to mention, I am not one of those fans that think that Burris would have taken us to the Grey Cup.

When he came back to the Riders from the NFL, he had the same problems that he had before, it is called inconsistancy, the same problem he has know.

In terms of the spiraling comment, I would say look at the Reggie Hunt thread. The thread was to have a discussion about what Reggie said...and it changed into a discussion about did Copeland and Lewis get slapped personally, publicly or in a team meeting.

By the way you keep referring to the last 18 years...as if it is some magical number. But what you fail to realize it is only significant for you. Yes for Saskatchewan fans it is long they have waited for a Grey Cup, but like any great Saskatchewan fan, we can go into a new season believing this could be the year. No biggy for us.

For me, I could just as easily use the Burris years in Calgary as my frame of reference no matter if it is right or wrong it would be my perspective.