Riders Picking Scraps

Especially speculation that makes no sense.
If Yo has a serious achilles injury, he can call it a career. Over. Done. Finale. Why wouldn't the team just announce that simple fact? The point of hiding it would be......?
Even if there were hope he might try to comeback, it takes months to do so. You simply do not leave a guy in that situation on the active roster.
So either the injury is minor, or the Riders coaching staff is nuts...

I read Yo was out for a month, not the year.

He is going to be out for 4 weeks, and possibly out for 9.

Like Yo Murphy will be missed. Thats see he really helped the Tigercat cause now didn't he.

I think he helped out the Ti-cat cause as much as he could...considering he never played for the Ti-cats....

Anyway, I was skeptical when we signed him last year, more skeptical when we brought him back this year, and somewhat surprised when he made the team.
But he in fact had a great camp and pre-season, and if he still has some fuel in the tank, good on him.

That said, if he is gone for 9 weeks, he is likely gone for a career.
And if he is gone for 4 weeks, get him on the injured list.
And get Hill in there...or Mitchell.

05, did you see Yooooooooooooooooooooooo! last year in final games? I think he played a very important role in getting the Riders to where they got.

Well Jman that is your opinion but as Coach Arius pointed out my flaw in the arguement that he did not play in Hamilton. He did play for Ottawa and where is that team today Coach! YO did not show up on any rosters for some time why is that? Did he go down south? IMO this guy would not even make our practise roster.

He was in the NFL from 1998 to 2002 and played in the Superbowl with St. Louis. Not unlike a guy named Boerighter now with the Stamps. He might scare teams away with his age but he's a solid receiver winding down a solid but unspectacular career.

Why do you insist on slamming a guy you know next to nothing about?

Actually yeah, he was down south... Working on one of his many fairly successful businesses. Edit: I believe he was working on them

Hmm sorry Dust but when the Ottawa franchise shut down and he did not get picked up in the dispersal draft it was not my job to put a GPS chip on him and track him. He was so good in Ottawa that team did great now didn't it. He did not play in the superbowl he was handing out gator aide. He is so old he will need a motorized walker to get him down field. And by the sounds of his injury he will be even slower when he comes back.

So which one was it he was playing in the Super Bowl which I doubt or working on his businesses. It is funny I do not recall hearing Yo Murphy touchdown during a super bowl!

Since you continue to discuss something you have limited knowledge of...

Played in all 16 NFL regular season games, all playoff games and in the Super Bowl for the Rams…Yo was a valuable kick returner for the Rams down the stretch, averaging nearly 21 yards a return…returned the opening kickoff in the Super Bowl for 43 yards against the Patriots and also added a huge 3rd down reception late in the 4th quarter to keep the Rams scoring drive alive…

Good players often play for bad teams, it's not uncommon. He was not picked up by a team in the dispersal draft because of his age, but he has continued to stay in great shape and can be a solid receiver.

Thanks Dust for the info but if you recall I did ask what happened to him and why did he not get picked up in the dispersal draft? But what has he done lately oh yes nothing.

I just started reading these message boards and RW2005 is always in them talking smack about the weirdest things he has no clue about, and he always contradicts himself and pls dont make me copy and paste all that you say that is contradictory

sigh since you feel the need for me to post his life story... here goes:

2004: Started all 18 games for Renegades at receiver in 2004...led the team with 61 receptions for 1,090 yards, averaging 17.9 yards per catch...also had six
touchdown receptions...had a season high eight catches for 184 yards and a touchdown in Week 17 against Montreal.

2005: Murphy led the team in receiving touchdowns with seven, and was second in receiving yards with 866.

His best game came against the Calgary Stampeders on July 16 when he caught six passes for 132 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

2006: Started six regular season games and both playoff games at receiver...made Rider debut in Week 13...had seven catches for 99 yards in debut...had four catches for 62 yards and a touchdown in Week 15...finished season with 19 catches for 251 yards and one touchdown.

Happy now Redwhite?

Boo Hoo the poor little prider fan here does not like my opinion no problem. What you want me to suger coat it for you.
Thats see:
Reggie Hunt is one great classy guy, It is out of character for him to talk about other players in the press. Must have had a bad day did I tell you he is a nice guy. Thats not mention the fact he is crying about two known trash talkers but nooo Reggie does not do this. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes Dust you make me happy now since Boerigtor has done nothing (Grey Cup Ring) what has Yo got?

the respect of cfl fans/players/coaches/etc. who understand precision route running... i'm just saying!

Why must you turn this into a Bo vs Yo ( catchy eh? ) thing? Murphy played in the biggest game in football, the Super Bowl. I don’t know what he has to prove to you, I posted what he’s done, give it up already.

Actually, you are wrong on this one because he did play. He returned the opening kickoff and he caught a key first down pass towards the end of the game.