Riders' Pete Robertson suspended one game

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League has imposed a one-game suspension on Saskatchewan Roughriders defensive lineman Pete Robertson.

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Ok, time to move on. Justice has been served.


Poorly served I might add but it has been done.

Ridiculously Sanchez going on in the pre game show against the suspension, saying lineman butt heads every game and should they therefore be suspended? Time for the weakest panel member to move on to another career.


It was a swift decision by the league as they would likely be speaking to the PA too.

1 game is what I thought would happen. Hope this sets a precedent.

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Really? I missed that. Not even remotely the same thing. Moronic.


Don’t want to be misleading in that I didn’t mean to infer he outright disagreed with the suspension although he did. After paying lip service to it after Matt and Milt completely supported it and the speed with which the decision was made, all he talked about were how supposedly head butts were common and happen all the time between lineman and that this could lead to all lineman being suspended too. Nonsensical.


Sure linemen do it to each other and between opposing linemen, but never to a QB wayyyy after the whistle. It was intensional against the most important member of a team. One game is a joke. Collaros was right, the CFL does not respect the position. Is this in lieu of a fine? Probably.


The officiating was horrendous. The 5 blind mice “missed” that call, and the Rider Lineman who grabbed a bomber by the jersey while he was on the ground and repeatedly pounded him up and down; again after the whistle. Then of course there was the obvious P.I. on Lawler. Horrible horrible horrible.

Everyone in the league knows that if your QB is put out of a game, it’s either Sask or Winn putting them out. Bighill tries every game. He’s the new Marino

I disagree with you about Bighill. I remember when Don Mathews coached he instructed his defence to destroy QBs late hits and all. Montreal played real dirty under his direction. You kill the QB you win was his mantra.

Watch him on QB sneaks. He throws his whole body at the QB’s head.

2006 Mathews last coached montreal and that was a different time and era

He is diving horizontally and helmets collide. Nothing dirty about that. Every defender does the same thing going over the pile.
Also Simoni Lawrence got two games going helmet to helmet on Collaros in 2019. Not deliberate unlike #45.


Simoni was not new to discipline …they have to follow progress discipline so you cant compare.them equally

If Robertson does a aimilar play ever again it be 2 or more games for him

If a QB decides to become a meat missile then an equal response measure is appropriate…


But the after the whistle stuff is Clear and purposeful and has no place anywhere but in the NHL…


Many of the posts above are trying to defend/minimize/excuse the hit by Robertson. Blame it on Bighill. Yep.

You are correct in that this hit was far worse than any in game hit. It wasn’t even remotely a football play. It wasn’t even a life play. This hit was clearly worse than any other discussed on the forum today. The only one that would have been close is the vicious helmet swing at the head last year but luckily it missed.

I suspect those same defenders of the indefensible would be calling for a murder investigation had this happened to their starting QB.


I see a couple … not many and not the majority

This doesn’t seem to be about zack at this point ?

Don’t forget he’ll lose a game cheque, that’s a big chunk of your yearly income, & larger than any fine the CFL can hand out.


And Zach or any other player could lose their career from concussion because of an imbecile who doesn’t appreciate the players and the game.

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