Riders part ways with Derrick Moncrief

Good points. But if you look around the league, you see a number of teams doubling up HC and de facto OC, including Montreal, where Calvillo was the OC but Maas was the offensive playcaller. In Hamilton, Milanovich will be head coach and OC. Chris Jones is HC and DC. Ryan Dinwiddie is HC and OC. Agree or disagree, there is a case to be made.

Having said that, I do agree that it’s easy to burn out wearing too many hats, but I’d say the problems invariably come when the head coach takes on roles that exceed his current position (see Steinauer as president of football ops, Jones being the GM, and the Dickenson example you mentioned). Having official scouting, talent, or admin responsibilities in addition to being the HC doesn’t work in today’s CFL. I think your HC and your GM need to be two separate people. A head coach’s job is the present, the right now. The GM’s job is the future, what’s around the corner. Balancing those two big responsibilities is too much. Even Wally Buono couldn’t maintain success in that dual role toward the end of his coaching career.

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