Riders..... Overrated?

Well, let's look at their 8 wins shall we?

Edmonton - 2
Hamilton - 2
Winnipeg - 1
Toronto - 1
Calgary - 1
Montreal - 1

how many of these wins are vs teams that are actually teams worthy?

2.. barely.

Toronto when we defeated them had some injuries, lost Ray, and didn't know how to handle Sheets.

Calgary wasn't exactly expecting what he showed them.

Edmonton was horrible back then and we BARELY defeated them in the 2nd game.

Montreal - Barely
Winnipeg - horrible team of course, yet we lost to them.. ???
Hamilton - back then they were injury plagued, and did not have their #@ together yet.

I can bet you that if we played Hamilton now, we would likely lose 1 possibly both games.

I really am scared that we may have a losing record for the 2nd half... :frowning:

2011 bombers ring a bell?

Riders need a running game to be as good as what they should be. Sheets out is a big loss.

Not to mention the season ending loss of Rey Williams who was leading the team in tackles and sacks before the injury.
and aggravated assault charges against the Riders' Anderson, Smith and Riley do no help matters either.

unfortunately, the Riders are experiencing too many key injuries and distractions at such an inopportune period of the season.

The rest of the team needs to step up if they wish to cap off the year with a Cinderella story at home in late November.

Chamblin said it best in his post game interview: "We started the season off with our crew and we don't have our crew anymore." If they want to get back to winning people need to step up - simple as that.

Argos are far more over rated than the Riders. They had a start with almost everyone on the team playing way above their heads at a time when several teams in the league (Hamilton, Montreal and BC most notably) were struggling to find their game. They could afford to make a few mistakes and still win games, and win big. Now the league has caught up and those mistakes are becoming costly. They are still a very good team, but now they know that BC and Calgary are more than capable of knocking them off if they don't stay on top of their game.

Riders are not overrated. To be overrated folks have to rate you highly. Right now no one is rating the Riders highly. And justifiably so.

Agreed. When the Riders were rated #1, they were beating everyone. They're not right now, but they're also not being rated that highly.

The upside is that they still have several weeks to straighten it out before the playoffs.

The argos have beaten every team in the league.
Had Ray not been injured, they certainly would have beaten the stamps in the game in which he was injured, and the als the following week. 10-2 had they not lost Ray.

They still managed to beat calgary and Saskatchewan without Ray, Owens, Kackert.

Hardly over rated.

Over rated no. Despite who you beat if you have a rhythm like the Riders did weeks 1-6 you're not over rated. They've lost that rhythm offensively, and I believe it started at the bye. Teams have figured them out and they're not adjusting. The D has been balling since week 1. The offense needs to get back on track and fast. I think the biggest thing not talked about is the loss of Heenan and Best the last few weeks. That OLine has taken major steps back in the last few weeks and its hurt the Offense. You can see it in Darians throws.

Last year after game #12,the Greenies were 6-6 went 2-4 down the stretch and wound up 8-10.This year they have already matched their win total of last year,with 6 games to go.I wouldn't call it being overrated,their just in a mini mid season slump right now,few teams go wire to wire without a glitch somewhere along the way,the Riders have hit theirs.
Personally looking at their final 6 games,if they lose the next 2,both road games(Mtl/B.C.)and run the losing streak to 5 in a row,then panic will set in as they'll be sitting at 8-6 with 4 games to go.Final 4 games are(Edm/B.C/@Calg/Edm)3 home and 1 away contest.Realistically speaking the Riders could end up anywhere from 12-6 to 10-8,considering the last 2 years I'd say that they are right were they should be,not a great team,not a bad team......but somewhere in between,a solid grade of B- Considering that they were 5-13(2011),8-10(2012),8-4 so far(2013)They have improved gradually since 2011,and that's all you can really ask for,as a fan.

:thup: :thup: I think those who are in panic mode are the one's who expected them to lose 2-3 games. You're exactly right there's slumps, we've hit ours. I'm concerned about the offense but nowhere near panicked.

The West playoffs are a different animal. Just make the playoffs. I'm just waiting for the playoffs to start. 18 games is to long this year, lets get the show on the road. :smiley:

BoBo8224 mentioned the Riders are right where they're supposed to be sounds decent to me. I know nothing rides on 1 game, a win in Montreal this weekend for the Riders would be a huge boost - after that it's into B.C. Place. Lose both games it's back door shimmy on the road to the Grey Cup Game. As stated above, a win in Montreal the Riders have a shot to host a play-off game. Anything can happen down the stretch though, thus IMO; Calgary will host the West Final.

They've had more luck than the Riders. could easily be 5-7. They play one playoff game this year, just one and it won't go well for the double blue.

:cowboy: :rockin:

Riders will thump B.C. in Vancouver. Lions got lucky in Regina. Two goalpost deflections- cmon when does that happen again. Riders clearly are the better team and will win in the land of laid back millions on the wet coast. Open the roof regardless of the weather and be real men Pussycats!!! Ahem , and, Riders will play at home in the Grey Cup = exciting!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: 8)

Riders Rule
Lions Drool
Rider Pride Nation Wide

According to betting oddsmakers, Saskatchewan and BC are both 6-6 against pointspreads. They are neither overrated or underrated in achieving expectations. Every team fluctuates in performance during several months. So best measure of strength is 18 games of regular season after all ups and downs are counted.

Yeah, and Edmonton could be 10-2. They're not.

The Argos keep finding ways to win games, and that's what matters. You're not lucky over an entire year, at some point you make your own luck.

You’re stretching it there. No way I see Edmonton anywhere near 10-2. With a little luck and some idea of what “clock management” is they could be 6-6, but no better. The Argos will see their luck run out. Offense is propping this team up. Special teams are nothing special and defense is below average. No way they win a playoff game.

lol, not a chance.

Riders will once again be wishing for a Grey Cup that the Lions win again, although they’re used to wishing for Grey Cups since what 1909? Only 3 Grey Cups lmao. We have 6 and soon to be 7 since 1954.The Riders are GREEN with envy! :cowboy: