Riders Overrated Perhaps?

By the way...... I'm baaaaack! :slight_smile:

Okay, the CFL.ca power rankings have Sask. down in 6th for weeks. They lose in Edmonton. Knock out week 1 (passing 480 yds. and rushing 180 yds.) and Durant (whose combined efficiency is one of the lowest for starters) in nowhere near the leading passer in yards. Finally, they rolled over for Calgary.

I'm thinking that they are a good team worthy of respect but that they aren't one to fear this year.

Where would you place them in the rankings? How do we stack up against them?

-----------------------SASK. --- Opponents

Total 1st Downs: ------194-------- 163
Passing 1st Downs: ---109 --------101
Penalty 1st Downs: ----18--------- 10
Rushing 1st Downs:--- 67--------- 52
Total Yards:---------- 3574------- 3280
Yards Rushing:------- 1098------- 930
Yards Passing: --------2476------ 2350
Team Loss Yds: -------154 --------184
Net Offence: ----------3420------ 3096
Avg Total Offence: ----428-------- 387
Avg Rush Yds/Game: ---137------ 116
Avg Pass Yds/Game: ----310------ 294

I'm glad you are back Mark. This place hasn't been the same without you.

Whether the Riders or anyone else is overrated or not, I believe there isn't a great team in the league this year. That's why our start was so disappointing. The TiCats should be able to beat any team in the league on any given day. To directly compare the two teams I'd say we are out-coached.

The melon heads give their team an advantage all game. This year we seem to only get loud near the end of a close game.

I have the feeling that,this year, every team is going to be underrated and overrated.
I could make a case for the strong points, and the weak points of each team. The exception right now would be B.C.
But, does anybody really believe they are as bad as their record shows now? Buono will get them straightened out.
Montreal? ...How long will Calvillo be out? That's their story in capsule form.

And so, I believe we have what will always produce good football....PARITY.

I know we would love to see Ticats go undefeated. But, that's never going to happen. So, I think we can look forward to great games. Even Chris Schultz will have trouble picking winners and losers. (Some would say he does anyway, but that's a subject for another day.

By the way, Mark, glad to see they got your status straightened out.