Riders over the cap. AGAIN

For the 3rd time in the past 4 years the Riders are over the cap. In the 2010 season they exceeded the cap by over $26,000. Why do they have such a tough time staying under the cap? This is getting to be a habit.



The Riders and counting.....lol, there's a new one.

I lol'd when I saw the headline on TSN.ca.

HA HA HA HA HA. So True!

They need to restructure the cap rules for repeat offenders. 3 times in the last 4 years is very excessive, IMO.

Disagree. It was 26,000. Not a huge amount by any means. Barely half of the minimum (I'm not sure what the minimum actually is but I think it is around 40)
The SMS has the proper rules in place for what the Riders did. They will pay the fine and the CFL just got a bit richer.

Don't get me wrong I hope the Riders are under the cap next year, but as long as they are never >100,000 over I will not be mad at them from a fan perspective.

I think the league should publish how the other teams did, whether they were right on target, just below, or way below. I am sure most fans would like to know this. It tells you if your team is actually trying to win. But 26,000... meh. And I would say that about any team. (although I might rib them just for fun)

its not a significant figure, so i don't really care...just as long as they pay the fines, its no biggie.

In all fairness to the Riders, they do have to pay 13 starters on Offence and Defence, so it's actually only 13,000 per person over the cap. :lol:

Not much excuse for going over last year. They screwed up with the timing of Dorsey's "injury" is all...he should have been cut when it made financial sense 3 weeks earlier if they were going to do it.

Not making excuses, but 26k is not a big deal. That is why the fines/penalties are tiered, because the league understands that they odd injury can put a team over the cap...it is called wiggle room, and as long as you are not over by that 100K tag and still turning a good profit I don't see it as a big deal, even though the continual overing is a bit disappointing.

A team could be 2 million dollars over the current SMS and I wouldn't care as long as they paid the fines.

Kind of like them losing the Grey Cup game... :twisted:

Not a surprise since they've already proven they can't count beyond 12.
Also, this is Canada, there's no punishment for repeat offenders. Just promise you'll be good and you'll be fine!

The good news is they can still count their number of Grey Cup victories, they only need 1 hand. :lol:

I’m not sure why such a big deal is being made of being 26K over the cap… which, IMO, needs to be higher anyway. The cap should be anywhere around $4.5 million to $5 million.

Rider fans talking about the salary cap remind me of Captain Barbossa - "the cap is more what you'd call 'guidelines' than actual rules." :wink:

Looks like the other 7 teams were under: http://www.esks.com/article/seven-of-ei ... salary-cap

Sambo, I suspect it has more to do with this being Sask's third time in four years.

It's time to increase the cap to $5M plus each team to have a "franchise player" excluded.


we have been there

we have done that

it failed and almost cost us our league.

up the cap…fine…HELL no to a franchise player. That almost tore the league apart. I for one would NOT support it again. I would be shocked if there were many that disagreed, except for maybe a handful from TO (no offense), where the problem started when it was brought in 15 years ago so the whole league could support Toronto’s desire to sign a big contract.

Marque players come back, i walk.

It's quite ironic that the riders have been over the cap 3 out of the last 4 years considering, the cap was instituted in large part due to team like the riders not able to compete with Edmonton and other big clubs as far as money thrown to players.
Obviously, it's not just the football ops with trouble with numbers...

But on a serious level, this isn't a big deal. The CFL doesn't have a hard cap. The rules are in place, and if you go over, you pay the punishment. Think of it as a luxury tax (although more severe than MLB due to the loss of draft picks) In this instance, it's a fairly minor offense.

I also agree with that the cap should be much higher. Consider most teams, if not all are up against the cap. 3.9-4.3 millon dollars is not that big of a gap.

I am not arguing the rules, but they are paying the fine, so what is the issue? They went over, they are paying the price. If they went over by 300K, they would pay a pile more and lose drafts. Management is clearly willing to go moderately over the cap if they must. They messed up with Preache and Dorsey, and when Congi went down they had a choice...use a punter who was openly uncomfortable kicking FGs or go over the cap. I can understand the decision. If it was in the 2nd or 3rd tier I would upset.