Riders outlast Stamps in OT thriller

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders survived a slugfest of a night to defeat the Calgary Stampeders 33-30 to advance to the Western Final.

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What a game! Congratulations Riders!

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I just got off the phone with the Dickenson Parents and they are quite happy with the game outcome and loved the overtime… when I asked why they said that “Dave has won enough “ and “who doesn’t like overtime “.

May the next two best teams win and move on👍


I wonder where Mrsstallion is and how he will explain ANOTHER Bo CHOKE job lol , BO is DONE even though he will say he was playing through the season injured with a hang nail or some other excuse


bo-ver-rate-ted is done.

but Mrstallion is on a time out.


Nah from what he told us is that he was always good vs the riders it was only the last game where he was bad. Add that he played great vs the redblack and the lions. Also that they are the best second half team in the game. If the stamps still ride with him after this season oh will they regret it. Maier is clearly better and whichever teams gets him are winning. Btw off topic but gg to Hamilton in that game. I believed mtl could give it a challenge but clearly the ticats are superior in every way vs mtl. Per him the stamps would win bcs of their backups forgetting they don’t play the majority of the game. Seemed like as it was for the entire year Saskatchewan starters were much better than the stamps from qb, receivers, secondary and defensive line. It showed today big time.


Of coarse he is on a time out lol until next season starts because he knows Bo CHOKES better than any QB out there

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Rene Paredes‘ convert made it a 10-7 Riders lead at 7:26 of the second quarter.

What the heck? A proofreader is desperately needed here!

That's what happens when you're used to playing close tough games.

The Calgary CHOKERS are back !!!!!

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Why in the blue hell did Dickerson play Michelle in the second half?

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Why the hell did he play him all year long. If the stamps lose maier that will really hurt.


as a Lions fan I know how much those missed field goes hurt… all season long. But you learn to get over it and just enjoy the rest of the post season.

There is always next year unless a new variant comes along and shuts us down again🍻

BO was playing the season injured and hurt...his injury is a type that takes a full year to recover from...even the miscues BO had he still almost won this contest, so he is far from done...but one does wonder if he gets traded to an East team when he still has value???. Huff always has a good new QB up his sleeve at all times.

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The West-Semi Final was the showcase game on Sunday at Mosaic stadium. The Stamps and Riders played a wild west and hard hitting shootout. The game featured 5 lead changes and 2 ties including a overtime of 2 mini games. The Stamps failed to score a major on their last possession with 2:23 on the clock :question: Rene Paredes kicked the tying field goal with 43 tics on the clock to tie the game at 27 :star_struck: :wc: :gem:

P.S. I hope the Riders can ride this "Momentum" into the West Final versus the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Dec. 5/2021.


The first half was obviously brutal for both teams.

If I were Sask I wouldn't be talking about Bo not after the night Cody had. Sask won with special teams and the failure of the Stamps special teams. Special teams has been a strength of Calgary all year but yesterday, not so much. They uncharacteristacly missed field goals and return coverage assignments and were missing both their regular returners.

Shawn Lemon's stupidity was a gift for Sask. This lack of discipline was uncharacteristic for Calgary in the second half of the season.

We lost fair and square but not because Sask played so well. Sask will have to find some offence if they want to have any chance at a respectible game against Winnipeg.


In my humble opinion I think BO would rather retire instead of being traded to any of the other 8 CFL teams. :exclamation:

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I do not see him retiring or being traded... He will spend the off season healing and be back next year ready to go. I do not see him as washed up or expendable. Calgary rebuilt in less than one season and will only get better with a young team and more than promising second QB getting tutored by one of the best in BO


Momentum? What momentum - only if the Bombers want to take turns with the Riders giving the ball away. All new meaning to winning ugly. Please don't keep telling me how good Fajardo is.


If BLM wasn't 100% healthy he should've been lolling on a beach somewhere in the tar sands healing up. JM was more than capable of holding the ship together. Besides throwing over 300 yards per game JM is the ONLY qb in the West who threw a scare into the Bombers this season.

If I was a stellar backup in Calgary who wanted to start I'd get the h*** out of there and sign with another club. I guess the Stamps won't know what they had in JM until that happens.