Riders Outlast Lions in Western Semi-Final

Its a sixty minute game. You can't win if your defence is getting shredded in the last 15 minutes. This game was there for the taking, had BC been able to sustain a drive or two in the fourth quarter. :oops:

Not sure why BC's D was so porous in the fourth quarter, after the team led in time of possession by 11:30 after three quarters. BC's 3-4 front seven couldn't stop Durant's running on second down in the fourth quarter, and all year. How many times in one quarter do you have to get beat by the QB running up the middle on second down, before you do something to address it? Why weren't we spying him? Why were our linebackers so edge-focussed, after Durant burns them repeatedly? Sheesh. In this close game the Riders prevailed because they were able to get close and then get ahead while BC's offense sputtered in the fourth quarter. The solid first down production the Lions enjoyed in the first half wasn't there when they needed it in the fourth quarter. Maybe its time to get some new defensive personnel who can play better man-to-man at at least run with Dressler. That guy has burned us all year. He was ten yards clear of a BC defensive back on the plays he scored on; that's awfully loose coverage for down around the goal line.

I didn't like the pass interference call against BC in the second quarter. And what is Bighill is supposed to do, when running full speed before barely touching the hook-sliding Durant. A couple years ago I saw Banks get burned on a similar play. Unlike the eastern semi, where a non-call cost Montreal the win in regulation time, Andre Proulx's crew dinged BC on some close plays that led touchdowns.

Now that its over I want to congratulate all the fans who participated in this forum this year. I wish all of you a merry Christmas and a happy 2014. Better luck next year.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy: