Riders @ ORBs: GDT

Ottawa is gonna have to knock off a West Division team or two, if they are gonna keep up with the Argos in the standings.

The Riders could forge ahead of The Leos for the Crossover, and maybe even catch The Esks for the three spot, with a win.

It will not be this night.

Not with a 3rd stringer in at QB.

The command centre sucks!


What is the command centre thinking??

Forward forward progress stopped.

Should have been a fumble .... but really the TSN announcers couldn’t get any worse in my opinion. Their comments basically say that in other cases it’s best for teams to say oh well and move on .... but apparently it’s only wrong when the riders get a break or weak call.

A wrong call is a wrong call for any team.

I'm at the game and the refs anouncement didn't make any sense.

Looks like Sasky's may have "crossed the river" last nite, they same a little sluggish.

Chris Cuthbert appears to have finally caught the dreaded Black Plague - he really is talking nonsense, not paying attention to details of the game and just have a coffee klatch with Jellybean Suitor.

Refs on the field and off the field are pure vermin - but we all knew that, right?

It is like he is trying to think of words .

Last PI call the rider never was close enough for any contact let alone PI. I understand why jones didn’t use his challenge at this point though.

Was just going to say.....refs were repaying Ottawa for the fumble call

I didn't take it to mean that at all

Wonder how long Pieface (Jones) stays with rickety tickety Old Glenny?

Knows he's got a comer in Brando Bridge but the game is starting to slip away!

Is he counting on Loretta Lynnley to blow up?

Lindley is looking more confident tonight. 1st team reps are paying off so far...

Wonder if Dunigan continues to torment Ringless Milt and Hindenburg Brown about not having a Grey Cup ring during their storied careers?

Riders look sluggish.
Horrible call on that fumble non call. But evened up on a very questionable interference call on the play before the touchdown.

Was not expecting this with Ott using third string Qb and a couple of backups on the online.

Sorry Guys. I normal watch every game free and live from vipbox.tv
can't seem to hook up. any thoughts. No we don't have cable/tsn

That’s bizzare ... they waive the no yards but apply the holding ? Unless the refs are suggesting the no yards was caused by a rider holding a player in the zone ?

So far, so good for my RBs at halftime