Riders only team over Cap.. gee I wonder why??

perhaps it had to do with ALL those injuries we had last year??

doesn't surprise me at all.

Uh Oh,

Head for cover, Women and Children first.....

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Tillman isn't around to complain that the injured list is unfair and get slapped with a fine, on top of the $87k the club has to pay.

Gee, ya think?

Only question is how long it'll take.......................

seems like this is a problem every year. my solution? raise the cap by 100k, problem solved.

I thought there was talk earlier this year about rasing it but since the economy isn't so great, they decided to keep it where it is.
Inb4 lock!

...doesn't seem to be a problem for 87.5% of the league, just 12.5% of the league (two years running)....

The cap is basically $4.3 anyways. It's only after $4.3 that they start attacking your ability to recruit non-imports ( draft-picks ).

Being less than $100k over the cap starts hurting in that you consistantly get outbid for your free agents.

This is old news as the unofficial announcement was made months ago. Just another chance for the haters to beat their own chests. :thdn:

You guy need to stop picking on the poor Riders. They had players who were injured. They don't have a quarterback. They have to live in Regina. Don't you think they've got enough proplems without throwing the SMS at them?

Wow, i didn't know there was no Injury exeptions. Like being out for a certain time on the reserve and bringin someone else in for that. Interesting.

Did the Lions go over a few years ago?

Here's the story on TSN that outlines the figures.


Injuries are no excuse for going over the cap. This is especially troubling because this is the second year in a row the Riders have gone over the cap. They're cheaters 2 years in a row. No wonder the Riders were so competitive last year.

I think the cap penalties should be more severe. This news definately taints their accomplishments last year. Just like their grey cup victory in 2007 was tainted because they were over the cap.

They need to start putting asterisks beside teams names who win the Grey Cup who are over the cap.

There is an exception of sorts....If a player is put on the 9 game list, his salary while on the list does not count

Calling them cheaters is the ultimate in sour grapes. Yes injuries can be an excuse. If any other team had the injuries that the riders had, they would also be over the cap

You can always say that you have to plan for injuries but what happened last year was unforseeable.....They had what? 8 broken legs last year? Just using those 8( and the had plenty more injuries) the riders had to pay the salaries of those 8 players plus the 8 replacements. If they were only 87K over then IMO they did a fine job!

Injuries should not be an excuse, because normally, you're expected to fill their positions from your practice roster. When you run out of 2nd and 3rd stringers, because they're all injured. What are you supposed to do? Play with 11 or 12 players? There were 34 seperate transfers to the injured list during the year.

The current system is broken. Injuries should not count against the cap at all, but that opens us up the system to abuse and teams protecting players by using the injured list. They've been dancing around the issue for some time now.

And by the way, it's not a "cap", it's a "management system". You are not forced to adhere, if you are willing to face the penalties, which the riders are happy to accept. There's nothing stopping a team from spending $30 Million, as long as they're willing to pay the league's $75 Million penalty and forgo their next couple draft picks.

Riders not only spent 87 000.00 more then every other team, they also used the nine game injury list more then any other team. By my quick calculations they are spendin a quarter million more on their payroll then their rivals and it has to stop. Yes teams can go over but the penalties are ridiculous so I say if TO needs to spend five million for a couple years to retain their fans go ahead and let them because the whole SMS was to protect markets like Hamilton,Saskatchewan and Winnipeg and it isn't working.

Yes, TO is free to spend $5million over the SMS threshold. And they are free to pay the fines and draft pick penalties that go with it. IT IS NOT A CAP!!!!

That is what I am saying. Make it a CAP or get ride of it. As it stands There is one team cheating and 87 000. pays for a pretty good football player. so if the Riders can afford 174 000.00 more then the other teams why do we need a cap?

The SMS is working just fine exactly as it is. And the fact that 7 teams adhered to it and the only one over had massive injuries to deal with actually proves how effective it is.

I know Madjack.

To me, the league has everything in place to deal with it. Yet the anti Rider posters will light their hair on fire, and the Rider posters will match them blow for blow.

To me, its really a non-issue. The CFL will deal with it.